Methadone Breakup
Posted: April 6, 2016, 1:34 PM

Hi Everyone,

I am writing to find out more on how to support/give space to a recovering methdone addict.

When I first met this person he was on methadone for 2 years at a dose of about 45mg. Things happened so fast between us and we started dating and living together within the first 6 months. he was very open about his recovery and the methadone maintence he was on, but did tell me he was going to get off of it soon. So as things progressed we set a date (febuary) to completly be off of it. This took about months of tapering down around 2 mgs a week. Febuary came and he DID IT!!! The first 4 days were hell, complete withdrawl phase, no sleep wrestless legs and diareah. But by the time the 5-6 day was there he felt much better. We went on a trip to Colorado and had the best time. When we got home is when everything really started to hit him. By around the 3 week clean he wasnt wanting to get up for work or school, had no energy and was very depressed. I moved out to give him some space and he asked me to wait for him and give him time to get over this process. We didnt talk for a week and everthing seemed to be worse when I did call him a few days ago. He told me he is very empty and depressed and has nothing to give right now. We decided to breakup. I am so hurt right now because I love him and dont wanna give up. I thought by the time the physical part was over hed be all better but really it had just began. I dont know what to do and how to handle this terrible situation. If anyone has gone through a similar situation please respond and let me know of some good coping skills or advise for getting through this time and loving an addict.

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