Marijuana And Adderall
Posted: November 30, 2016, 1:04 AM

This past summer, i have smoked weed everyday. When school started back up again, it slowed down to about 3x a week plus the weekend. I have smoked every weekend since the middle of june. Then, my friend let me try an adderall and it helped me so much in school i feel like i need it. About 3 weeks ago, i took my first one and today, i took my 2nd and now I'm gonna take a 3rd tmr. I feel like i neeeeed it. I cant do what i used to do because i lack the motivation . Idk what to do be cause I'm only motivated to smoke and use adderall
Posted: December 19, 2016, 6:28 AM

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Amber am guessing you are very young an we all smoked weed at one point in our life, i smoked for years and still today i do from time to time but you cant let it to be only what you do... it can make you depressed and feeling isolated, dont sit in house doing nothing , go out with friends do things you never done before or simply do things that interested you .. going to school is great, learn new stuff it will come handy in life and trust me without education you are nothing, dont end up pregnant at mercy of some guy without much choice but finish your school get nice job and make your life to be as much good as you can ... gym? going to gum can make you feel awesome , make you feel happy and alive. you can still smoke i am not saying quit forever but dont let it be point of everything. you know you can change how you thinking feeling , need to be positive and surround yourself with people who can help amnd not those who will drag you down. she or he is not that great friend giving you pills ...sometimes people are selfish and if they have a problem with like pills then they try another person to feel the same way so they feel better about themselves

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