Feeling Weird / Still High Several Weeks Later Wee
Posted: November 6, 2016, 9:19 AM


I smoked weed my second joint about 6 weeks, too much(3/4 of the joint). After it about 15 min,my heart like 5hit/1sec , and the other symptoms, blurry vision, dry mouth. After it i walked home,from when we smoked, and i went sleep. But when i woke up ,my heart was slowlier,but still fast,and my vision/ vision-reflex, and my face memory not too good rolleyes Now im in the 6 week after it happened, and I feel a little bit better, but these problems i still have. Is this problems will solve or what can i do? I eat B and D vitamins, magnesium omega 3 . My eyes are okay, the doc said, so it can be neurologistical problem,isnt it? Next week i go to cardiologist and after it i think i go to neurologist :S Anybody met with that problems?
Posted: November 12, 2016, 11:58 PM

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do not smoke again. you had a bad reaction or could be allergy to something in the joint.
do not risk it. drink a lot of water, eat well, try acupuncture, think of something that will balance your immune system again.

weed is not benign to everyone. depending on the body and immune system, you could have a predisposition to something that the weed triggers.

you don't know what else is in it, or what strain or variety it is, it can also have mold in it.

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