Feel Like Nothing
momo pot
Posted: March 3, 2016, 8:47 PM

I don't trust my self anymore. My decisions and feelings are all under the effects of me wanting to take huge puffs of pot.whether im in my boyfriends appartment or my parents bathroom
when i wake up in the morning the first thought is do i have some buds or how im going to get some. I cant afford the habit. I know its crazy how i finally manage to get the money i need now that my family know i should not be trusted in financial issues.so i wake up in the morning. I check my cellphone to see if there is any invitations to a party or a dinner.and i keep these people all around me. I still ask guys for money in exchange for being around sometimes there are things im forced to do to get what i want
that's the worst part.i hate being unfaithful.but i do it anyway. I hate lying.but its not so difficult when i think of the moment when i have a roll in my hand. I can just close the doors
smoke till i choke and then go under a blanket and fall asleep.then i wake up and its a new day. Do i have anything left or should i call someone to get some?
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