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Posted: December 29, 2015, 1:48 AM

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Hello all my name is Dave I've been a heavy pot smoker for 25 years I'm 41 now and smoked my first joint at age 12 last 15 years an ounce or more per month I'm now 30 days without smoking and really only quit to get a job with a new company but after quiting not going back to it I've read some horror stories from some people but guess it affects everyone different first few weeks was some pretty vivid dreams no nightmares just off the wall dreams and quite comical ones. One was where Santa's sliegh crashed and I was hiding him and the reindeer in a barn and he kept peeking out the door stuff like that was pretty moody the first few days but that went away fairly quick I do have trouble sleeping sometimes but not every night sometimes I read some posts and wonder if it just didn't affect me like some people I was still pretty high strung while I was high some guys I worked with never thought I was a burnout and I started my day smoking 3 or 4 bongs at 6 am before I'd go to work a bowl at break and lunch then all evening till I went to bed after 30 days sober sometimes I feel like I'm high does this subside over time ? And also still pretty flemmy quit cigs a year ago so is this form my lungs healing , has anyone else gone through the same things I'm describing thanks in advance
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