Possible Weed Addiction
Posted: November 12, 2015, 1:43 PM

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I think im addicted to weed because i simply smoke it all day and stop going on my school course when am ment to, also cancelled important appointment.

Basically weed done no good for me, i have always said i dont experience weed like everyone else does i dont need it, i dont get angry when i dont smoke, but (this sounds bad) but its the only hobbie i usal do with friend's (im16) i usaly spend money on it but i get it cheap, 7 grams cost 70 pound but i pay 30_45 and this stuff strong, but i dont do anything else and fell ot control my life and makes me different, i find ot hard staying sober cos i seem to always have weed, it makes my anxiety higher and makes me a paranoid about things and i cant stop thinking about it, been smoking for 6_8months all day every day. Help??
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