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Posted: November 2, 2015, 7:18 PM

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Struggled with thc addiction for years, been off it around two months, feeling the negative affects of the addiction creeping up again, it is trying to isolate me it is trying to weaken me, I know it is waiting for me day and night, and I know I need to take it a day at a time, but weed knows it needs me to pick up the spliff and light it! This gives me hope

So, to prevent me taking that one deadly hit again that will send me on a downward spiral, I have to be realistic, I have to read the signs and understand the situation I have to adapt to, I know that one spliff has the potential to become 1000+ spliffs destroying and consuming months maybe years from my life, I for one have lost enough time, I want to remain with my sanity and freedom for now, do you feel this way too?

I am powerless over my addiction to thc, many are, if you're feeling like me tonight, or happen to come accross this page, know this, there is someone who knows how you feel, and actually cares, in a sense we need each other, to help each other recognise the signs and also for helping and discussing the feelings with each other as this drains the power the addiction holds over us, and it decreases the obsession and desire!

A little insight, I am a major thc addict, finally a point in my life came where I could be totally honest with myself, face my problem, accept I cannot defeat it and request help, when help came and I had my obssession and desire removed, I was feeling a new high, a natural high, one only life, reality and sobriety can provide! This has lasted two months so far, and in my heart I want it to remain for as long as I live on earth, as now I know life is better without getting wasted, I know it gives me more opportunities in life, peace, sanity, hope, freedom and growth. But I also face the fact that I am always going to be an addict, and as of the last few days I have felt the addiction coming to get me again, I know thoughts pass but these thoughts have been very frequent and are becoming obsessive to the point the desire can even creep up on me, this is what I want to prevent, I can't personally overcome it and I know every part of me is addicted and thats what I need to live with, but with the right help we can get the guidance and the strength we need to maintain a balance and refrain from using again.

Tonight, my main point is this, we need to open up and be true to ourselves, there is people that know how you feel, these people can help you, be willing to share, this is a positive approach to dealing with your problem and every little helps in these fragile situations.

If you have read this and feel some identification, then don't hesistate to reply, lets talk and see what we can do for one another.

GOD bless

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