My Pride Took Me Out!
Posted: January 4, 2022, 2:31 PM

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I am here to tell you i could not do it alone . I found god in my journey i always felt something was still missing. i relapsed after 3 years over the betrayal in a relationship. I was not prepared to deal with that . i went back out with a 2 week period. i slow stopped doing all thing i know to do and stooped using the tools like stay connected to the meeting and going to my support group . instead i sat in my own mind and allowed my pride to take me out. with I had had 7 years run got i settled for the most abusive relationships. and that took me to sale my body. i felt pleasure in meeting strangers my body had a price stag and it felt good to feel wanted.
I know the day would come when i get sober again.
my bottom hit last year and i knew either i would take my own life or spend time in case death seem more comforting.
i went to jail and was face 7 years taking the rap for his actions was so sad . But i decided that enough is enough settling for what ever got old. i can do time but i wanted more so i decided to go to a program for a year. its a christian base program but its open my eyes to something i lacked
is was god forgiveness and surrendering. happy 24 hours a day at a time is how i stay clean

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