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Posted: July 14, 2017, 2:21 AM

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Before I go to the Families of Addicts I wanted to inquire and get info from meth users. Our daughter led us to believe she had hit the bottom the first of this year crying, begging and pleading for help. We took her straight to detox. She was supposedly addicted to Xanax. She told us in the car it was more than Xanax.

I know nothing about meth and attempting now to learn. When we got her to detox and they were signing her in, filling out paperwork. She showed me her butt. Covered in sores she had been picking. Dumb mother here in shock seeing her rear end. I learned she was picking her rear and belly not her face from using meth since July last year. Living (squatting hither and yon with other addicts.) The docs at detox got the rear end cleared up.

Detox cleaned her up, literally. She was a dirty mess when we picked her up. She was to go straight to Rehab but she wanted to come home first to get her things organized per the list of what she could take with her to Rehab. OK, we believed her and wham she left, disappeared.

She showed up here yesterday and is a total stick from the weight loss, aged about 10 years. Swears she is clean, no sores anywhere on her. My question after a year of doing meth does the picking at your skin causing sores like she had stop? Does the obsessive skin picking go away after frequent use of meth. Like your body adjusts to it?

Posted: July 15, 2017, 11:26 AM

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My son did meth and never had sores. Just weight lost and looked like crap. He also became extremely paranoid--always thought cops were everywhere and everyone was an undercover cop after him.

Not sure why some have sores and others don't but probably has to do with what the meth quality and ingredients used are.

Post over on Family board where I am as a lot of us have kids on meth and can be a big support for you! You will definitely need support and advice!

((HUGS))) Lori
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