Clean For 6 Months
Posted: May 17, 2016, 5:00 AM

Hello recovering ppl

I have recently finished a program for six weeks 😊 I was clean four months before I went in. I was going to therapy and lots of mtgs. The psychosis was still there even after I got clean...but it is getting better😊 I realized I had a mental problem...I saw and heard things that weren't there and it destroyed my relationships with everyone that was close to me. But when I realized my condition I knew what was real and what wasn't. That drug spirit still wanted to kill me...and even today...but I am stronger on all fronts now...mind...body...and for those ppl still out there injecting or smoking crystal...there is help. Have a great day and always live one day at a time. ❤ Derrick
Posted: May 19, 2016, 2:12 PM

Lately and ever since I quit sister in law would always accuse me of using...and even now at another place...these people think I'm using. How di you deal with that...cause I know its hard to build trust back up...but what can I do?
Posted: May 20, 2016, 1:06 AM

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Hey derrick, yeah it's definitely hard with you said it's hard to build trust back up..but your sitting there thinking f*** I'm finally good and people are breathing down my neck,when people should say they are happy you're getting your life back, (or say nothing) honestly luckily I haven't dealt with much..have gotten comments as in 'i assume your clean, but I don't really know) I semi recently accused my boyfriend of doing the other dope until he flew off the handle..which made me think he had even more, but I was wrong. as far as your sister-in-law, maybe you could tell her how it makes you feel. If you think that conversation could get ugly, write a letter and just state how you 'know it's out of concern...but....' I don't know about the other people, if close to you, maybe handle same way? And if they aren't..well f*** em. hard to have people thinking your doing s*** when you aren't..but YOU know what you are and aren't doing, so be proud of where you're at.... -Mary
Posted: May 20, 2016, 7:30 AM

Thanks of my sponcer's would say things along the same lines but I really appreciate your words. I know what I'm doing and every day is a victory. I'll voice my concerns but my sister in law would always go loud and aggressive. I don't want to cause any waves in my new place. I'll keep striving to better my life and reaching my live my life clean and sober for life. Without jamming something in my veins to make me feel better. I know now...I don't need drugs to make me feel better ❤
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