My Time With Meth
Posted: February 10, 2016, 5:53 PM

Hi, writing in hopes that my post might help someone. I started using meth at the age of 33 when my marriage failed, I fell with it. I stayed an active user/seller for 20 years and enjoyed it. Today is my 53rd birthday and I thank God for allowing me to make it to today. I have just pasted my one year mark-Feb. 3- being drug free. I have done alot of different drugs and smoked pot for about 25 years, but my drug of choice was meth. Other than all that, alittle about myself- I come from a good family, was raised well,never had low self esteem, always been a outgoing happy person, and a rather plain but pretty girl/lady. So why did I get into drugs to begin with, well my daddy drank and so getting high seemed cool, you know, so I started at age 17 drinking some and smoking pot, married at 21 and loved my husband fiercely. When my marriage failed is when I let drugs become a problem in life and meth is where my problem lay, for the first 10 yrs id say, I ran wide open, so as to not have to think about where id went wrong, from there, id adapted to the lifestyle, so I continued. So how have I been drug free a year started with getting in trouble with the law and being placed in a program called DRC, which is a year long program. Today would have been my last class but it was cancelled due to the weather, so next Wednesday will be it. I have done it thru determination, putting the ones I love, feelings before my own, and just not letting getting high be and option for me. It can only be done, when the user themselves makes up their mind that they are thru. Praying and trusting God is the only source of strength I have to remain clean and sober. God is the truth, the light and the ladder to climb and bring yourself out of the pits of your hell. Call on Him, if you want to be free!
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