Don't Be Fooled There's Less Help In The Real Worl
Posted: November 20, 2015, 4:20 PM

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Hi this post is more of a real life post of a 22 year meth user that has finally quit . I can tell u the only real help I got was when the state tossed me in jail for 60 days that helped me break the hold meth had on me , which I have now stayed clean another 150 days on my own ! But as many long term meth user's I had used up every recourse none to man before the end . although I was doing tweekees stuff to pay rent and eat and pay for gas etc that kept me off the street . but now that I'm clean with no help that I can find other than a pad on the back from na which is almost a bad joke ! I like many others in my position have no id no paper work to get a I'd and the state wants time and cash to help which I have neither of , I have lost my place to live now so I have no mailing address any more , my phone is shut off , I have spent days trying to do day labor work to get back up on my feet ! And hay halfway houses r Evan better at 600 a month if u can get a bed ,oh I forgot no id no job No Bed! Hey at least I'm strong enough to stay off the meth ! Although I may now freeze to death at least il be clean !!! NA will give me another at a boy for that . I wish there was real help available for those of us Americans who want to get well , and be part of life agien!
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