Weird Treatment Using Paranoia As Treatment Tool
Posted: July 2, 2014, 1:54 AM

I've had a substance abuse problem for approximately 5 years. Drug of choice: methamphetamine. I have been subjected to some kind of treatment in which my family and friends were all attempting to cause me to be really paranoid. It was extremely the point that they controlled the radio in my car, etc. I know this sounds like some kind if paranoid delusion but I'm 100 percent certain that this actually happened. I'm not angry at those involved in the treatment but I'm not so certain how effective it might have been since I've managed to figure out what was happening. My question is: what is this therapy called and how do I find more information about it? I just want to make sense of what happened to me. Again, if you think I sound crazy you obviously aren't familiar with the treatment and need not respond. Thank a million for anyone's help.
Posted: July 5, 2014, 2:45 AM

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HI Jason,i have had exactly the same feelings ,they would cover their tracks everytime i got close to finding out.i have found it is actually working,my radio would play only 20 songs max.[0n the one station] and the coincidence with songs and my life way to close,let me know how you go.
Posted: April 2, 2016, 11:15 AM


I was convinced of the very same thing. I was also convinced that my smart phone, tablet and entire home internet network was being "remote controlled". I admit to being in the throws of active meth IV usage and was online a lot, a cross addiction if you will.

I did end up in a psych ward in full blown psychosis and went into a 90 day treatment program. Now that time has passed and I am finally shaken off a lot of the trauma, I like to think that my addicted, meth-poisined mind was playing tricks and I have dismissed my earlier notion that i was going through some kind of intervention/therapy that fed into the already exisitent paranoia building a "scared straight" approach??

I did learn about "delusions of refernece", wiki that, it is enlightening in a way.

Now that I am focused on working my recovery, i cannot afford to investigte and prove/disprove my theories about a possibly well orchestrated band of loved ones and addiction specialists were following me and swapping out devices, computers and audio/visual equipment, to create a crisis so I would get help.

I am not going to forget about this topic I just need to focus on moving forward.

If this is some kind of intervention tactic, I would be rather upset that family/friends would knowingly subject me to the stress and suicidal depression i experienced for months. I would like to think that people who love me me would be honest with me and try a "safe and Sane" approach.

I feel what you are feeling and thinking and i became somewhat obsessed but I had to put it behind me or I would not have reached this next phase of recovery.

Best to you
Posted: April 2, 2016, 11:22 AM

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What recovery program are you working, Murphy?

All the best.

Bob R

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Posted: May 2, 2016, 7:00 PM

I had a very similar experience.

Except I actually found the tools used on my computer and smartphone.

What country do you guys reside in?
Posted: June 21, 2016, 6:55 AM

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Im experiencing the same thing,.. Found some evidences that stories were contradicting,. If this is a treatment it's ruining lives,..😢
Posted: June 10, 2017, 7:09 AM

Hello, your "not" delusional. I know, this is truly happening... and I have all the proof I "or a courtroom, should I choose to go that route would ever need to convict". I have been an addict for over 43 years. I use very very small amounts,.... "nothing like my past, as I used the needle for over 8 years, and the day came when I wanted clean from it so badly, I handed all my utencils, needles, spoons, you name it, in a tidy box.. to my best friend.... a U.S. Marshall that was the Lab tech. for the local department. we had been friends for a very long time, and she had finally... after all the long years of friendship, shown me her badge. I've never been "busted".. I'm not a cop. nor any type of federal employee. I have a very long story with Meth, and I was introduce to it when I turned 21, and met a group of local "bikers"... at least, that's what their "cover" was... they were actually undercover BATF, and DEA agents. that, was in the early early 80's. the things I have seen, thru these "friends" .... and yes, they really were my '"friends"... even tho, I diddnt know "what" their real jobs were for years and years.
I diddnt become, like so many of my friends that were like me, not an agent of any sort.. a "criminal"... just desperate to feed my habit. I just, diddnt seem to have that "need" to allow myself to get to that point. I always kept myself "in line".... and not behaving out of control for the most part, it wasn't that I wasn't getting zinged out of my brains.. at times... because Idid get that way... I just never forgot who I was. and what I knew as my "moral compus" and lessons Id been brought up with. I know, that because of this, these "friend" undercover agents.. seemed to have a level of "respect" for me, and was much "kinder" to me then to the targets of their programs. I could go on and on.. as, that was then.. and this....well, this is NOW. and things have finally taken a very dark turn for me. I still, do not behave as a criminal.. in any way to "feed" my habit.. Ive been clean from the needle for over 10 years now.. once I finally walked away from that needle.. I never picked it up again. I returned to snorting only... occasionally, smoking it. but, Nowdays.. things are different. the community around me is "different".. Ive found the devices that this "new" program being used against me (the same as what you are describing, remote controlling of all of your devices, cars, computers, etc. ) I can promise you this.... you have been "put on a list" by people that "love" and "care" deeply about you and your health. for me, it was my aging parents. I can also tell you, that the "church" has a TON to do with this program. it is illeagle, it is immoral, it is backhanded, and these groups of people will stop at nothing to know your every move. I found video and microphone devices all throughout my last two homes.. and upon inspection of my attic's, I found all the "hard wiring" that these devices to hooked to for their power sources. I cut all the lines... and made sure they were severed completely.. it did not matter.. within days.. they had all been "repaired". I live alone, and have very few friends. I do not share this information with just anyone.. as, it does make one sound... shall I say.. "crazy" and "paranoid" to an almost "extreme" level. but, I assure you. paranoid, you are NOT. like I said, I have found, photographed, retained the serial numbers off of the individual devices for locating the purchaser of these items that "can" be traced, etc. etc. etc... I have literally, "tons" of proof of this happening, but, I have also discovered as the years have gone bye... that I am completely surrounded by people that have been "let in" on whats being done to me, and I'm "sure" they have been completely convincing to each and every friend, extended family member, work and employment associates I may have had, right down to my neighbors, and even "any" associations I may have had concerning each and every aspect of my entire life. I do realize, this "sounds" crazy... but, its not. this program is extremely well put togeather. it began, with a "church" group ( Accembly of God ) affiliates, and has been researched and put into actions by this church's "drug addiction" program for teenagers called "Teen Challenge". I believe if you "look" this up online, you will discover, our past presidents "the Bush's, father and son both, are avid supporters of this program.
I don't know how deeply you have been "targeted" by this program, but, if you have been using your drug. "Meth" is what I was using.. and pretty much only meth... and You have failed to get yourself totally clean and sober 100%, ( I was able to stay completely clean and 100% sober without so much as even "1" slip up.. for legnths of time that went up to three years. absoloutly, no use whatsoever during that time... "why, I fell back into using periodically, is even a mystery to me myself.. as, I truly do "hate" the effects I do have due to my use. but, without going into a lot of needless trivia about using., as I realize, reguardless of how much or how little one does use.. use is use. and, it eventually does get to an individual and cause its pain and troubling life concequences reguardless of how good one is at covering it up. "and I was and still am, a extremely well functioning addict) I have NONE of the usual side effects that go with Methanphetamines. what we, as users, refer to "speed scars"... the grinding of the jaw, the picking of your face or skin, the body jerks and tremors, etc. I have "never" displayed any of these traits, for any amount of time. Yes, I did pick my face some.. but, I was able to keep myself "Hidden" from notice, and get myself "healed" up.. without any attention being drawn toward myself for the most part. but, other then those few times I did this picking, I did not have the other effects that so many addicts display. I had been "taught" by the friend agents I became close with in the beginning.. to always "eat" and "force" getting sleep and rest while using this drug. I was "taught" by the closest of these early "friends".. whom were much older then I was, as I was a young 21 year old woman, and the basic rules that these older people that I very much respected as "friends" as, I told you earlier, I was too naïve, and young to realize "who" any of them really were, or what was really going on at the time. in many ways, this innocence saved me an unbelievable amount of "years" of fear, and paronoia, and mental as well as emotional frustration over the "realization" that there simply wasnt any explainations for "some" of the things that I was noticing being done by these friends.. not that any one thing done was "enough" to expose them.. and send me running.. as, that was not the overall case. I simply, had grown very close to these friends, and was a "part" of a large group of people that really seemed to enjoy each others company. we all got along extremely well, and diddnt really have the "drama" or the "games" that cause most relationships to shatter when using drugs. yes, there was these things happening around us.. but, we as a group, seemed to be able to "handle" the extreme situations as they came.. and found a way to remain "tightly" connected as friends throughout these times... like I said, I had become so close to these friends.. it was more like family then 'friends' and although, I obtained all my personal use drugs from just a few of these "friends" over a 30 year span of time.. never having to worry about a "outage" or price hike.. "as, if I did not have the funds.. I was given all I needed to get bye without payment for them. and this too, I believe, had a huge influence on my "closeness" and "loyal" friendships with these people as well.
It actually took me over 17 - 19 years.. to begin truly seeing the cracks in their "programs" and their Behaviors as "agents".. before I was truly "understanding" exactly what was going on underneath all the smoke and mirrors. I had always "thought"... cops couldn't use drugs. but... I now know... they not only can... they DO. and they also become addicts, and depend on their use. they are "no" different then I in this respect. but, there are certain times.. when certain "ones" of them must clean themselves up.. and be able to pass the tests they are required to pass. and to go into the courts to do their jobs and testify against their targeted individuals that had been arrested and charged with the crimes they had been guilty of doing. however, there were many many of the agents, that "never" went anywhere close to a courtroom "ever". these agents.. were permenant plants in the community, and were able to slide beneath any "serious" damage or suspicion by the people around them. this was a very well oiled machine so to speak and was very good at protecting the ones they needed to protect. I just 'happened' to be brought into the areas of the group that was a part of this type of agent. and his subordinates. I was, "lucky"? I used to think so.. but, now... I no longer feel this way about any of my past. my lifetime addiction, has brought me to a very wide open eyed truth.. that I am an "addict". period. I have an addiction that has "changed" the course of my entire life, and has caused me a great deal of pain and suffering, and negative interactions in my life. this, I do "not" feel.. is, was, or ever could be.. "lucky" in any way.
As I said above, if you have been going thru this physical, emotional, and mental abusing program by own surroundings, it is extremely hard to go thru. the "spin" that is put on everything you say and everything you do and they ways you are able to see and "think" about whats being done to you, is far to "difficult, and actually impossiable to begin to be able to "talk" about to anyone that you may be seeking help or confirmation from that "they" see it too. its designed, to be this way. and its very sufficient at working exactly the way it is designed to work. which, to the target.. is a "nightmare" most of the time. and is so mentally and emotionally, as well as physically and financially draining on the target.. one can barely survive the rigors of the program without loosing their minds, or at the very least.. "thinking" they have lost their minds because of it. the targets medical doctors and healthcare workers envolved with their private and personal healthcare, are very much "envolved" in this program, and they have the power to make the targeted individuals life a living nightmare. and, as in my case, they will. and "did" eventually. I was lied about in my medical files, blatently lied about. and it "hurt" my social and personal character, to a degree that I am "still" reeling from. my finances were flipped upside down on a constant basis for "years".. causing me to pay and pay and pay bank fees for bouncing checks that "in truth, should not have been bouncing had the Bank been treating my accounts with the same legal rules that they treat other people that do Not use drugs. I was having my money "embezzeled" by the very institutions that I had to "Trust" to do things by the Law. and there was "nothing" I could do about it. I lost hundereds of thousands of dollars and, am "still" loosing to this very day. this program, is designed.. to steal you life, your relationships, your health, and most important.. your MONEY. it is exactly what its supposed to do. and it does it extremely Well. this is REAL. THIS IS NOT YOUR MIND, THIS IS NOT YOUR EMOTIONS THAT HAVE BEEN OVER-STIMULATED and FRAYED by the drugs.. it is a very REAL and WICKED PROGRAM THAT IS GOING TO EXPLOITE EACH AND EVERY PART OF YOUR LIFE THAT CAN BENIFIT the powers that be, and Destroy you as a human being. they are "trying to get you to kill yourself"... and I know many many past friends and aquaintences, that have succumb to this. sadly, they are no longer with us on this earth. their mental and emotional states were "unable" to deal with the deeply disturbing attacks that were being pushed upon them by this program. and, I do not believe, there is even "one" single person that is a part of this program that is doing this to people.. that "even cares". these people... are.. the meaning of the word "evil". in the very real and true meaning of the word. they have "no" conscience of the lives they are destroying. yes, its true, the targeted individuals, used drugs, by their "own" choices,... but, its the facts that they have been too close to the governmental programs that are producing the problems in our country, that taxpayers have spent billions upon billions of dollars "publicly" and "supposedly" fighting... without any reprieve. and, there "Never" will be an end to this. as, it is "not" a problem we as citizines even "can" fix. it makes too much money for too many people. and that, my friend, is the truth of all of this. I have been pushed to a place.. that I spend my days and nights completely "alone". all of my electronic devices are no longer even "attempting" to HIDE.. that they are under remote control by unseen intities. my computer search's.. reroute me to pages about suiside and openly and with the use of my name being typed so that I can clearly read the attacks and vicious statements being thrown directly at me with no filters.. telling me how horriable of a person I am ,How I am hated, and loathed by all around me, and they type.. my name, and say .. KILL YOURSELF NOW... WE ARE SICK OF YOU... it never stops. my home is broken into almost daily, and my belongings are stolen, then returned, then stolen again and again... its nuts.. its supposed to drive you completely CRAZY.. I stopped calling the police for help years ago, as they were NOT HELPING ME when I did call them. I went thru a year or two of them simply Hanging up on me when I tried to call dispatch 911. ( highly illeagal) but, there is NO HELP FOR ME NO MATTER WHERE I TURN. I simply, have to be strong "enough" to laugh at all of their Tactics and ways they use to try and get to me. and, that's exactly what I do. Laugh at them... and make them realize, I am stronger then the average person. I am "Not" going to fall for this wicked and Evil Murdering of thousands of people. I am NOT going to just give them my finances without a fight. and I will NEVER STOP FIGHTING AND TRYING TO EXPOSE THEM TO THE WORLD.
you are going thru something truly unexplainable to anyone that has not been thru it themselves. AND, you will be kept from being able to share or gain help from anyone that might believe you.. or know you are telling the truth. but, don't give up. never give up.... keep fighting.. and do whatever it takes to stay in control of your own life and decisions. never.. fall for their public 'bashing" games... and tactics.. if you do.. your life will be a true nightmare that you simply would have an almost impossiable time living.
I know... your telling the truth. I know, your going thru something very hard and very real and impossiable to "talk about"... without sounding nuts. I know, your not nuts tho. you did exactly what your piers and the controllers wanted you to do.. you used their drugs. you gave up your money and life to stay addicted and using.. you..did exatly what you were supposed to do... now, they are finishing you off and taking everything you have ever owned or worked hard to have away from you. its true. and you are a "expendable" problem. make no mistake. you cannot give up. you cannot stop fighting. as you are "not" alone in this. remember, the ones that are here fighting with you aginst the exact same evil and I can only hope it will give you hope... to continue the fight.
sincerely.. Bonnie43
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