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come to far to loose it all now
Posted: June 18, 2014, 5:22 PM

well this wont help much but venting sure feels good

Ive grown up surrounded by drugs in your typical small town and swore it would not have got this serious.I had a bad period for about 5years no direction using pot and eckies etc etc after realising I was not living at all and my standard of living was basic no plans for house or career I changed location and the people spoke to that were in that drug world. That made easier moving. then I make some more mistakes with relationships (women) but had a good solid friend base.They know it now but not then that they helped me out without talking directly about my situation ...bad relationship and drugs which had advanced to shooting pain killers oxy and morphine. After 2 years of slowing loosing control of my job,connections id made it came to an end and I moved back home in with (parent) went into old school coldturky and put my mother through hell at times but even tho not alot was said in the way of supportive chats it was good for her to watch me beat that addiction at that time in my life.I picked up where I left off but left with huge debt and no chances of loans Etc working a dead end job with little contact with town I did well.
a drink driving incedent cost me my car and my job but i wasn't doin drugs at that time, i was certain i was clear and cured.I managed to find a job that very luckily payed well only rural poor living conditions and very lttle contact with people or home.I started a relationship while doing that work and it worked, only i dabbled in eckys and meth believeing i was in control.I guess when you doin good why not do great and flirt with addiction prove to myself i can leave it when i want or something like that deluted.i have acheieved my goals with a house car and partner and she knows everything about me accepts me.i ve been continuing using meth and the stress it puts on my realationship is not being taking lighty im lucky ive found someone that is smart enough not to be fooled by
any pthetic excuses so honesty is keeping me grounded .Ive now moved forward again gaining better employment better living only drug tests required ive been working there for a while and dodged any embaressment so far but im not a fool were theres risk theres trouble and its unnesserary and will ruin me once again. I realise now how foolish it was to test my self going back to drugs just for kisks i have no reason to do it apart from the awesome but brief high when i use them. Im not sure why i don't give the risk involved the respect it demands. i could go on to say im fighting everyday but it not like that i crave it once every 1-2weeks but when i want it i get it. Pride and not wanting to advertise anymore than i have in the past that i had taken drugs and still do im not overly keen on professional help but i may have to.
Each drug has its own appeal and demands and meth is proving to be a challenge to leave behind if i do its gunna be for something better,self preservation doesn't seem to come naturally to me.

hopfully someone reads my story and is at the stage of beaten drugs and considering doing them because you've beaten them b4.....don't

Posted: January 2, 2017, 4:10 PM

You're so lucky to have someone to look aftet yourself . Hopefully everything goes okay.
Thanks for sharing your experience, reading this in sort of similar situation myself really helps.
We just need to keep our heads straight and just stay high on life nothing else.
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