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Posted: December 27, 2020, 5:21 PM

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Well...I had to change my username as it's been so long..I went by Sharonn and sadly,at least 10 years later I am still on Oxycodone. So....The Dr. who was rxing all my meds( oxy,Xanax, now in jail....he had an agenda in enabling my addiction.Its not a pretty story.I went to detox twice and tried Suboxone after the last..I became very sick from it..idk whether or not I was inducted properly or the Xanax made it too dangerous.It saddens me that I took up to 18 pills a day...I met the love of my life after I left my former abusive relationship and ironically,he was DEA in NYPD.Having two failed back surgeries and 5 more herniated I'm 64 and the pain has overcome any ability to taper lower....My point... Please...If you have the chance to get off this merry go round...while you're relatively healthy...try...then try again....between Lupus, sciatica,and Raynaud's...I have unsuccessful getting below 7 pills a day.Cannot use Tylenol or Advil due to liver and kidney immune system and health has deteriorated..and hard as I try,the daily self beat up lives on in my head. When I had the chance...when the subs didn't work,I called my Dr.for help..he called in an rx right away and sabotaged my new, yet shaky sobriety..I know..some of you may think I'm not taking responsibility..I am.I deeply regret listening to him... But he was complicit.He not only molested me ( worse)but several other female patients he kept tethered to opiates.One woman died from multi-organ failure...she has my attorney now.So sad.Im a Grandma and asinger-songwriter..lead singer in my husband's band( a lot changed)..but obviously..because of Covid and pain..we aren't working.I see a few old friends...Stay safe safe. And thank you for all the support..I wish I stopped before my health and age...tapered...but always trying to get off.Spinal stimulator nightmare..God bless🙏

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