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Posted: February 9, 2018, 7:40 AM

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Hi everyone. A little about me. 25 year old female. I have have a incurable chronic disease that causes horrific pain including many of hospital stays and surgerys. I am a patient that has easy access to lots of medications other may not be able to regular collection when I pick up my scripts is endone(oxycontin), tramadol SR, panadine forte and palexia. On top of that I am also on temazepan to help with the insomnia. I get to the point where I will take 6 to 8 panadine forte and then another 6 to 8 maybe like 15 mins later until I get the warm feeling and uneasy on my feet. Now because currently post op I am not sleeping DR gave me a script for zopiclone. I took one last night as directed and it took around 3 hours to actually kick in and for me eyes to start to feel heavy. I've had it. Tonight I have taken 2 zopiclone and 6 x 25 my doxylamine suc cinate. And if i dont heel I'm going to p ill my eye bad yet.
Posted: February 9, 2018, 10:52 AM

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Hey TRME 92,

Welcome. It's quite a conundrum when you have chronic pain or a chronic disease to contend with plus the potential for dependence and/or addiction on the medications that you need for some quality of life.

I'm back again and on Day 12 of my recovery where I previously was clean for a year and a half.

You are welcome to read my story and all that went on during the first 4-6 months of my first recovery.

My original posting can be found here, a lot of great content if you feel like a read;


I'm in Sydney Australia where legislation has just changed to take codeine away from over-the-counter purchase and make it prescription only which is a blessing in disguise for an addict like myself.

I've already gone through a lot in this first week (Day 12 now), urgent blood panel work done, an iron injection by my doctor, urinalysis is also being tested and there are a bunch of other support systems in place such as family, my counselor and a new life coach I've just started seeing.

Withdrawal is obviously tough but pushing through that is generally the easiest part as we all know. What comes after is the challenge to discover new healthy coping mechanisms and to re-connect many facets of our lives that have become unbalanced - e.g. nutrition, exercise, social connection, healthy relationships, etc.

The admins never like that I do this but as usual if anyone wants to talk directly, feel free to hit me up -

It sounds like you have a complex problem re: due to the pain management side of things which requires professional and expert assessment. Are you wanting to try and cease using the medications or are you considering trying to find a healthy balance between the appropriate use of the medication that is prescribed?

Again, feel free to contact.

As Always - Stay Strong, Stay Calm, Stay Vigilant!


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Hi, Im sorry you're going through this. Its sounds like an unsustainable situation to tell you the truth. Are you trying to cut down or quit the opioids?

Maybe try getting some opinions from a few other doctors for some alternative solutions as this can only go one way.

Again, Im sorry you're having a tough go of it but know that theres tons of hope and many have been in worse situations who are living purposeful, rewarding and productive lives right now.

Keep your head up girl and figure this out with a doctor.

Be well

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