Addicted To Codeine & Amytriptiline
Posted: June 21, 2017, 8:55 PM

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I take codeine and amytripline on a daily basis to cope with stress
Factors in my life. I currently lost my job and it hit me really hard so I've been taking them every day for a week and all I have been doing is sleeping and waking up as if I'm sleeping I don't have to face anything else.

I need to stop this can anyone give me advice on how to stop this please?

Posted: June 30, 2017, 5:15 PM

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methadone clinic depending on how severe your usage is and how long your been addicted to the codeine. I am an opiate addict and now in recovery and the only thing that actually stuck was going to a medicate assisted outpatient treatment center. they also offer suboxone,subutex, and the shot vivitrol. along with the medication, they hook you up with a counselor to work on the mental side of things and a doctor to see to make sure your responding to the medication well. you can go up or down with your dose, your the driver of what and how much is going into your body. of course as long as it is safe to do so..I suggest it and I personally couldn't stay clean with out it. I tried to wean myself a few times and to just stop cold turkey but I couldn't get through the withdrawals. it has helped me so much and I've bettered my life so much its hard to even believe how far I've come. its not for everyone but it is something to think about, we do recover but we've gotta want it, badly..and find the way that works for us so we're successful. good luck!!
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