Nurofen Plus Addiction!!!!!
Posted: May 15, 2017, 4:47 PM

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Hey, i am severely addicted to nurofen plus and have been for many years now, i know that i am an addict i was ordering zopiclone and diazepam online a year ago and taking ten plus each day until i ran out and before i could get anymore had a withdrawal seizure i have now stopped taking these and take 16 nurofen plus each day without fail they make me feel so sick i hate them so much but if i don't take them i feel worse achey exhausted headaches etc i cant live without them i have to take them to function but I'm terrified now i sometimes vomit projectile black vomit and my stomach is severely distended. I'm desperate, please someone reply please x
Posted: May 16, 2017, 8:03 AM

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If you are vomiting black you need to tell your doctor immediately.


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Posted: May 16, 2017, 12:52 PM

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I will do, thanks x
Posted: August 11, 2017, 8:05 PM

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I was first prescribed codeine 13 years ago for sciatica on a repeat prescription which was never stopped or reviewed by my GP. After 3 years I went through a particularly traumatic time and this is when I realised that if I took more than the prescribed dose I felt warm and fuzzy and my problems drifted away. I was hooked. I quickly learnt that I could up the dosage by buying over the counter neurofen plus and this is when the abuse started. 10 years later I finally took the plunge to seek help from my GP as I was buying 64 a day plus my prescription.
I was sent for immediate blood tests to check kidneys which luckily came back clear. I then had a Edison opt which showed severe bleeding, ruptured stomach lining and perforated ulcers. I was told I WOULD die if I didn't stop. I was put on a higher codeine script which I picked up my daily dosage from the chemist each day. The dose was gradually lowered each week to ensure I withdrew slowly in order to minimise withdrawal pains. I was also referred to an addiction service where I attended twice weekly for recovery support which was run by former addicts which helped a lot. The support was phenomenal from staff and clients.,, with a range of addictions and backgrounds. I am finally drug free after many months of dedication. I still attend relapse prevention groups and my cravings have finally ceased.
If you are motivated and serious about ending this neurofen nightmare it can be done,, but get support as it's a long and difficult journey which may include many relapses on the way, but never give up hope. Good luck.
Posted: June 13, 2018, 11:31 PM

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Hi I know this post is nearly a year old but I thought I’d reply to see if you was still on here and ask for some advice I too have been addicted to nurofen plus for 2-3 years now started off taking 30/500 co codamol but doctor soon stopped them I then realised about nurofen plus and have been taking them ever since from 10 a day up to 32 a day now maybe more depending on where I am and money. Last year I got in touch with a drug abuse clinic and went in for an appointment I then saw a substance misuse doctor and was prescribed bupernorphine which is an opiate that block s your receptors so when you take an opiate you don’t feel the effects and it takes away all of the horrible side affects of withdrawal but of course I didn’t stick to it as I had to pick up from the chemist every day which I hated was so embarrassing as I’m just a normal person and I didn’t want to be substituting it forever. Would you recommend tapering I just don’t think I could take a certain amount if I had a lot in the house
Thanks Marnie xxx
Posted: September 2, 2018, 6:31 AM

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Hello. I am also addict to Codeine . It started 7 years ago- problém with teeth with so much pain. First I was taken cocodamol 30/500 , cca 2 / day. After 2 years it was 4 a day and after 4 years i started to takong Nurofen Plus with cocodamol ( or Solpadeine max ). Last 2 years it was cca 6 Nurofen Plus and 4 cocodamol a day ( sometimes more, sometimes less).last 2 months i stopped ( i was taking less and less amd now i took only 60 mg Codeine a day without ibuprofen and Paracetamol ) Now i had a small Urinaly tract infection ( first of my life- i never had that ). I read that it could be first sign of damage kidney . I am absolutely , absolutely stressed that I damaged my kidneys. I dont sleep ( not for cravings of Codeine, but because of my stress).i still think about a posibility that i damage my kidneys. I know it is my fault and this is my punishment. I cant go to the doctor because i think that when i will wait for blood test result i will get absolutely mad :( is there someone who was taking more or the samé amount and his kidney are ok ? Or do you know someone with Analgesic Nephropathy ( this is the diagnosis) . I am really, really depresed as i have never beeen :((
Posted: September 2, 2018, 9:41 AM

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I can't intelligently reply to the nuts and bolts of this topic as I am not addicted to pills, nor am I a doctor, however I am an addicted person who at this stage has had stern warnings from physicians about continued use. The best advice I can muster is to face the debilitating fear and seek the medical advice. I hope you have a trusted person in you orbit that might simply be there, but if not, still proceed. Obviously, the use needs to stop as that on your radar? Have you taken any steps in that direction? Your post was unclear to me as to whether or not you are tapering or not using. Anyways, there is no logical conclusion whatsoever that you are being "punished" for your addiction/use. If there is any damage, it's root is in a causal relationship between using and the biological damage that can occur thereof.

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