Dr. Appt. Went Well...
Posted: April 29, 2017, 9:37 AM

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Actually had a good time at the Doc's office yesterday, all of that blood work that they did came back ok, and the urine test came back Clean and Void of narcotics....as I had done at the pharmacy earlier in the week, I informed the Doc about my detox experience, and that I wanted no more scripts for oxycodone. He asked about my pain, I informed him that my pain was present, but manageable ...He seemed pleased overall...The clinic that I go to recently changed their policies on opiate pain meds to fall in line with federal guidelines, so Im sure that the doc's feel extra pressure.
Im 13 days clean of oxycodone, doing good, and very grateful .....I will continue to read the posts, and help out when I can....love reading about the success stories !!

God Bless :
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