Ambien Withdrawal
Posted: July 31, 2018, 5:55 AM

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Hi everyone...
so i was prescribed 10mg ambien about 4 months ago by my doctor coz i had trouble sleeping, those who take ambien or used to know the feeling of that first pill. i continued to use 10mg every night to help me sleep. then increased to 20mg to get a better nights sleep, then started to take it during the day to feel calm since i suffer from anxiety i thought to myself taking 10mg during the day is okay and so i contiued to take more and more and basically its gotten to a stage where i take 30 tablets in 3 days...
i ran out of the pills a few days ago and promised myself never to take anymore, until i got the most insane panic attack ever after just 6 hours of not taking i had to take it again to get calm.
i know i have a problem but quitting cold turkey is defo not for me. im scared i will get a panic attack again.
has anyone here been through withdrawals before and how did you manage to cope with it?

Please i need help.
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