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I'm new to the forum, I'm badly addicted to this drug, it scares me, 3 weeks ago, I ran out as my "supplier" was away, after only 24 hours with none, and severe shakes and sweats, I lost a huge chunk of time and took a seizure

Doc has prescribed 2x 7.5mg tabs a day, But I'm taking up to 25 a day, sometimes a bit more, I want off this merry go round

I'm not sleepy on this dose, it just makes me feel normal, but it's clearly not normal, on top of this I have a codeine addiction, 24 solpadine a day.

When I was at hospital following the seizure, the docs expected my liver to be damaged, but it's not, so I'm very lucky, I want to stop,

I'm a single parent ( separated ) ex doesn't know how bad my addiction has become, He is angry about the way we separated and just goes out his way to do everything in his power to make my life as hard as possible, things like, took my car ( was in his name ) emptied savings, been violent, tried to put my sons and I out of family home, Took a lot of things from the house, I basically had to start from scratch, one of my boys has a disability, the car was a necessity.

I'm bk on track re replacing the things he took, financially, not so much, my kids don't go without, but I'm doing jobs here n there to pay for this drug addiction

I've no health insurance, GP not much help,

Can I do this at home??

Reducing gradually, I hate this so much, but yet, I keep doing it.

It's 12.25am my lads are fast asleep, I'm thinking instead of taking 7/8 tabs when I wake up, I'll take 5,

Please, anyone can you advise me, I'm literally desperate to stop, but so scared

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Where do you live?

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