Vivitrol-pros & Cons
Posted: February 3, 2016, 3:25 PM

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Our son is a 20-year in-treatment heroin addict. He tried methadone as a way to get clean. Now he is working on the 12-step program as a day-patient. He will be out in less than two weeks. They are recommending him to go to a Sober House. This is his first time in treatment. He has been off suboxone for a week. Now the treatment facility is recommending him to take an injection monthly of Vivitrol. It is costly. There are side-effects. I don't know why a treatment center that is 12-step based would be pushing this drug on my son. I want sobriety for him and that means no more drugs. He has told me two different times within the last two weeks that he doesn't want to get put on Vivitrol. I know that if he uses after he leaves treatment and he is on it he could overdose. Any thoughts ideas good or bad using Vivitrol?
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