Adderall, Psychostimulants And Potentiation
Posted: August 17, 2004, 3:49 AM

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Hello, i would llike to post about a few sub topics about adderall mainly. I will breifly start out and explain some things about me. Iv been researching topics about mental health, psychopharmacology, Neurotransmitters and how they effect ones mental well being, Drug addiction and the brain, Natural alternatives, and drug regiments.
Im diagnosted with Refractory depression, Social phobia (social anxiety), ADD, and sleep disorder. On top of that i have an addiction to opiates. For 2 yrs now, iv been attempting to stay drug free, but always relapsed back to opiates , due to my disease and mental disorders, never felt right, took the improper medications, most doctors did not work with me, iv tried about 15 different meds, from SSRI's to TCI's to alternative medicine , and nothing really made me feel serenity or at peace with myself, let alone, motivation, social interaction, low mood, anxiety, basically i hybernate unless i put an opiate in my system. But this topic im writing about isnt about addiction , so i wont go there much.
Im focusing on the drug adderall. This drug has done wonders imo for me. ALong with a small dose of klonopin to easey anxiety, Suboxone for opiate abuse and opiate cravings, and lexapro10mg to keep the seratonin levels up .
For the longest time, i though just seratonin was wha ti was lacking and was the cure all for my problems, besides the drugs. But after being totallly drug free for 10months, except for 100mg of zoloft, which just kept me above water, i still did not feel right, meaning i lacked motivation, socialization, lacked enthusiasm in doing things i should be liking, poor attention span, and just to use a quick example, i would have to take a drug, mainly oxys to go out , or just get up and go onine or read, let alone sitting at my computer for 30min tops.
I finally found a doctor who worked with me. He is an internal med doc, who has some backround in mental health and drug addiction. He started me out on suboxone, 24mg daily. At the time i was using about 4-6 oxycontin 40mgs daily, and was told about this drug through a friend, so i contacted this doctor who was certified to perscribe it, and it did wonders for detoxing and withdrawls from opiates. But after withdrawls were over , i remain ed on it, and still had alot of i did relapse 2x while on it, but i didnt give it up. Myself and my doc decided i needed someting else. He gave me an ADD test and i guess i failed, so he perscibed me adderall 10mg 2x daily, along with a low dose of klonpin .5mg daily for any anxiety causeed by the amphetamine. ALso, im taking lexapro 10mg, and to be honest, it has no side effects as per the other SSRI's., at least in my body, even at the peak dose of 20mg. I felt i needed some seratonin reuptake but seratonin isnt what i was lacking. THere are at least 5 other neurotransmitters that play a part in addiction, depressioin and anxiety, and sleep. But maily im focusing on Dopamine. Dopamine is resposible for that brain reward feeling, most addictive drugs stimulate the release of or block the reuptake of dopamine, esp in the region called nucleus accumbens. So i read that amphetamines do release dopamine from this region, but does not cause such a high or an addiction in my case like opiates.
To get back to adderall, within days i felt so much better . I was more focused, i could enjoy doing simple tasks that normally i would not do. I feel more like " the zest for life" is what i needed. So after a few months, i ended up on 30mg 2x daily of adderall. The effects of adderall seem to wear off between 4-5 hrs, so i take my second dose approx. 5 hrs after the 1st one. If i wait longer, i misdose and i go an hour or so, feeling a bit down and add symptoms reacurring, so i try to keep a steady level. But the problem is, the 30mg is just the right dose, for me, its not too much , nor is it too little that it does not work. 20mg dose , even doesnt work much or as effective. So the proble is, for example, i take 30mg at 10am, then another 30mg at 3pm. Now in my personal home life, i stay up to 3am, maily doing computer research and paperwork from 8-3am. I dont go out much. I do try to wake up and i do wake up within 6-8 hrs i believe do to the amphetamine effect slightly still working in my system, but this is what i want. I used to fall asleep at 3am, and sleep to 3pm or more and then oversleeping is just as bad of a feelin as not sleeping. So i get up , LOOKING foreward to taking the adderall dosage. I can feel it slowely kick in, and myself getting more motivated, creative, i can handle multi tasks at once, alot more energy than plain old caffeine, yet adderall doesnt cause much more anixety than 2 cups of coffee. Before adderall, i was up to 5 cups of coffee a day, and looking back, only acheiving a cheap caffeine kick which didnt last and do much. Plus 4-5 cubs of java is a bit too much esp on the stomach lining and some other side effects.
Now i have a problem and a few possible alternatives. My problem is getting that last dose at 8pm in, or making the adderall last longer by supplement potentiation, or ajusting a 3x per day dose and taking another stimulant with it.
I know off hand that antacids help potentiate amphetamines a bit by stopping the breakdown of amphetamines via stomach acid. I havent tried that yet. Also, i heard baking soda makes your urine (is is alkaline) i may be wrong, but its suppose to moderately to severely potentiate amphetamines, but who wants to drink that.
Another possibility is a smart drug or nootrpoic type drug. But again , those "smart drugs" have drug interactions and side effects also, and mixing an amphetamine with another stimulant can cause problems. Ephedra, whichi is alot stronger and probably the most potent stimulant OTC , until its complety banned, may be a choice, but per say a very low dose of ephedra, either with a half dose of adderall, or taking a moderate dose upon waking. Then timing the half life of ephedra so when it is wearing off, take my adderall. But this is all preliminary and so, im asking anyone if they have any experiences or imput on these subjects, mainly potentiation and causing a longer acute effect of emphetamine. I need to only usse 60mg a day, take klonopin with each dose, at .25mg 2x max daily, Suboxone, 8mg am, 8mg pm, Remeron 15mg sleep.

Meds i tried and failed for Psychostimulant properties or mood boost.
Desipramine- Lacked motivation, just basic increase HR and some stimulative properties, but not to my liking.
SSRI's, Make me lethargic, Hollow,, numb feeling.
Welbutrin, Poor ADD med, good for drug addicts that are dependant on meth or speed i would say.
Straterra, basically is touted as non stimulant, which is uselss. Basically i believe it increased NOrepinephirine similar to desipramine.
Cannot use any opiates, alcohol, or meth.
Ritalin, works ok, probably not too far away from ephedrine effects for me.

Natural Supplements which may act as psychostimulant:

L-Tyrosine- amino acid which is a precursor to dopamine. One user stated it made him feel more focused energy feeling.
DL-Phenylanlanine: Precursor to brain endorpharns. Not much stimulatioin, but helpful for opiate recovery
L-Phenylalanine: Boosts Norepinephrine levels. May improve mood and cause some psychomotor stimulation like L-tyrosine. (tried both before and nothing spectacular)
Caffeine: Prior to Adderall, i was consuming up to 5 med-large cups a day. Had some qualiities of "waking me up", but no calm focused energy , very minor mental stimulation

Ephedrine: In the past, iv used up to 50mg of such. It did work very well in overall stimulation, watery eyes, high H.R. but causes more racing thoughts and parinoia. Option are to take a higher dose of Klonopin with a mod to low dose of it.

Munuca Prienns -touted as l-dopa, which makes dopamine. Unknown if it does effect the nucleus accumbens.

(amines: Synephrine, octopine, hordine, Tyramine) Basically Norepineprine production, release, but lack any ADD effects.


Maio Inhibitors: Paranate, Nardil, Never took such nor read much but can be dangerous with the cheese effect.

Survector:(amineptine), A french antidepressant you can order overseas which does block the reuptake of dopamine and is selective only to such, some say it similar to cocaine, which is why USA/fDA would no approve it. Very strong stimulant effect , more research needed.

Adderall+ Low dose of Ephedra, still researching but may cause interactin if doses are not right, or one doesnt wear off in time.

Ephdedra 25mg upon wakening, and 8 hrs later, take first dose of Adderall.

Research several Herbs and botanicals which have pyschostimulant properties.. There is enought herbs that are Psychidelic !!! or Sedative. Herbs either dont work or some people swear by them.

Just remain on 30mg and 30mg and deal with it!!!! No really take regual dose and attempt to prolong each dose at least 2 hrs with a supplement..

Ill post more thank you and opinons appritiated

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Hey Neuromind,

Wow, what awesome information! The fact that you alone have tried all these medications and analyzed the effects, plus the huge amount of research you have done makes you an expert in my books! And what alot of determination you have to get better, many would have given up at meds mix 3 I'd say. I honestly think your research should be available to doctors and patients world wide, cause not many would have tried so many hope-to-be-cures. Can you do me?


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Hi Neuromind,
I applaud your knowledge and determination but would suggest your in danger of becoming addicted to adderrall.You could take the adderral XR to extend the effects but i definitely wouldn't increase the dose further because of the addiction danger.
You might find the book recommended to the left End Your Addiction Now to be worthwhile.
Good luck,
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hi, thank you for your kind opinion. No i wish i did know it all. I seem to have this obsession with researching drugs and natural supplements. But i may be a good vitamin salesman lOL
ANyway, you may be right about adderall addiction. BUT one thing is that the effects that adderall give me, do not get me high, but make me more motivated, im able to get out of bed and do work, semi-social, bit of a mood lift, and more enjoyment in daily activites. Also, being diagnosed with add, and perscribed this, adderall was one of the meds that worked well. After trying numerous other meds, and no luck, and always staying in the same rut, adderall along with my 2 other meds, klonopin and suboxone, all seem to work synergystically with another.
Yes, i Know clonopin and adderall, and even subxone can be addictive. But the key thing here is abuse. I tend to take all my meds as perscribed, except for maybe an extra dose here and there. But with adderall, it doesnt last more than 5 hrs tops, so thats a total of 10 hrs. So an issue here is would my doc add another dose? If not, possibly drop the dose to 20mg and take another stimulant which helps with add. I have heard of people taking alot more than 60mg mg of adderall a day but thats where addiction comes in.
Being an addict to opiates, adderall does not nearly compare to say oxycontin. Now that a drug where i would abuse and if persribed, it may last 5 days. But too look back, i was never really into speed drugs, never did cocaine or meth, nor would I. I dont even crave alcohol and havent drank in a long time.
But i do get cravings for opiates, although these meds im on do help alot with those cravings. Yet on top of the addictin part, i suffer from depression, social anxiety and add. Even though these meds can be abused, by some, they do not get me high or even to a point where i obsess over them. But if i just stop them, yes, i would feel withdrawls, even my antidepressant, i just cant stop without some withdrawls.
Again, the natural precursors i take are just to help aid my neurotransmitters "replenish". IF they even do so, because some of the natural remodies dont pass the blood brain barrier, but i have not had any side effects from using them.
I believe "end your addiction now" would be a book similar to "natual highs' by hyla cass. Its all basically natural precusors to n.t. and foods that do the same. Yes they can help, but i do believe if one has a serious enough problem, "natural remodies" may not work. But its worth a try.
The funny think is there is a "natural supplement" for almost every basic neurotransmitter. Im going to post about such in another forum if you would like to read it.

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Adderall XR is an extended release version of adderrall which would be perfect for you.
Good luck and keep watching not to take the extra adderrall.Its' great that it helps you but yu'ill lose that help if you get addicted.Times of lowering the dose when its not needed for your ADD is also a good idea.
Good luck,
Posted: August 26, 2004, 2:13 PM

Wow I have met someone who has the confusing life style of what drug do I take to feel like the "normal" people? I am detoxing from klonapin I truely believe it has along with Trazadone made me a zombie. I have gained between 60 and 70 lbs.
I have been put on Adderall but it scares me to get addicted to yet another drug. And try to get insurance with all of these drugs prescribed and filled my insurance will be gone in Feb. 2006 I will be broke alone and scared and probably with no meds thats why I am detoxing now. I just spoke to my Dr. he wants me to take an ssri zoloft and Adderall or (sp) xprexa I used to function at a lower end to normal range of life . Then I got a divorce from an abusive man he still any chance he gets calls me freak prozac queen or tells me I was a terribly mean mom . He never sees the kids he is a millionaire and gives barely anything to help. What do I do ? I feel at least get off a higher dose of klonapin and trazadone and trust this guy, with the Adderall, it is an anphedamin (sp) but he says I need it to lift me out of depression because I have ADD. Could it just be possible I have post trama disorder which leads to low self esteem which leads to social withdrawl especially with the weight gain. I have very little time to make up my mind to I take an upper and then a downer to feel "normal" plus the anti-depressent? Or do I quit and then what rot on a bed or under a box gone bankrupt with no insurance for meds I will be on God knows what . I need a job
but if you are taking these meds try to get on when they drug test you then personal finds out and you are labeled "freak" Ahhh must be my ADD I am rambling someone pray for me that I will make the right desicion or God will lead me to the right answer. Say a prayer my children won't suffer from the same disorders I have I would not wish this on my ex, help.............................
Kris V
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Not okay for former meth addicts
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