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Will save herion addicts its like sub but all natural herb. That grows on a tree. But the government again wants to control what is healthy...please believe me look it up it will save your life and you will feel 90 per cent normal. use itand will work 1 hour,ok amen
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What is the effect of kratom?

Posted: August 30, 2019, 10:33 PM

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Kratom works differently in different people. Alot of folks find euphoria in it and some just find a bit of relief. It's a natural herb that is a distant cousin of caffeine. Some strains are energizing and some are very relaxing. There are some folks that swear by it and others who say it does nothing for them. So the only way to know is to try it for yourself. I've done quite a few differing strains and personally prefer the reds. But there is something to said for the whites / greens as well. Also where you purchase from makes a difference as well. I've gotten some from places that were great and then another shop that sold me something that looked like dirt. PLEASE do your research first. It does help somewhat with withdrawal. Although it doesn't wipe it out 100% it will help and it absolutely better than nothing at all. I'd be happy to answer any more questions on Kratom.
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