Going Back Dwn Horrible Places
Posted: July 26, 2017, 2:42 AM

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hi I was addicted to heroin for 14 yrs ,ive been clean for 5 yrs but since Christmas had mental breakdown ,and since april I have been using again not addicted just once every 2 wks but I'm going into hospital soon to move off methadone to suboxone so that heroin cant be used .but worried as this is my last urine test today after giving 5 yrs of clean tests but lately ive given 2 dirty and 1 false 1 I need to make it 19 more days I'm high risk suicidle .been a drug addict for 31 yrs since I was 10 yrs old .
Posted: August 26, 2017, 1:22 PM

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Well what ever u do just don't give up on urself. Your worth a lot. So value yourself that way. Things are always gonna be hard for us. That will never go away. Just remember , no one likes to really go down to those horrible places when we were in active using. So why do it again. It's just more pain added on more pain. Take care of urself and come back to talk some more here.

Posted: October 31, 2017, 5:56 PM

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Yes exactly do not give up. I have been in similar situations. I would say worse but this isn't a competition. The reality is, if you have legal issues or anything like that, you just kinda have to brush it off. You getting clean and staying clean is the most important thing. Whatever life throws at you, just brush it off and move forward. You can't always control outcomes in life but you can control the way you view things.

Some people make small things that don't matter look HUGE and this is a major concern.

Some people make HUGE things seem small.

The reality is, you get to decide. Look for the positive things that you can make HUGE and when someone or something tries to hold you back just make it small, it doesn't matter in the long run. It's all in how you take it.

Finally... freedom!
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