Coming Of Methadone (10mls) Hurting Need Advice
Posted: February 7, 2009, 1:35 PM

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i have been clean of the smack and crack since the 2/1/08 but i have been on methadone since i was on 50mls and im on a detox programme im now on 10mls and im having craving now more than ever its f***ing me of.
what do you suggest i do im not giving in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: February 7, 2009, 7:33 PM

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That last ten is a b****----I would suggest getting some clonidine from a Dr. Most any Dr. will write it.

It is a blood preassure medicine which is used to treat withdrawels. It does this by fooling the brain and filling up the opiate receptors.

It is not something you can go to work or drive on-----but it sure gives relief. You take them as prescribed and just kind of relax a few days (two weeks if u can go that long without working).

After that u'll be mostly ok------except for the apathy u will feel for a while but that5s a new story.

The good new is it will pass and be nothing but an unpleasant memory

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Posted: February 8, 2009, 7:43 AM

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If you got yourself down to 10 mgs - your almost there. -but-like you,ve read the last 10 is tough , more phycologicaly than physically.

Time to get help- find a Addiction specialist- There are doctors whose main practice is helping addicts. In the ols days, there was only methadone. Now you can find help in a lot of other avenues
Yes- clonidine helps- its a blood pressure med
The success of subs have helped many, and it sounds like your almost where you need to be to start that therapy if you want to.

You also can walk off the final 10- but I wouldn't recomend that unless you are going in patient or have a ton of support, and support groups around you

best to you
keep in touch


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Posted: February 9, 2009, 9:56 AM

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Hey, you've done real good getting this far! I also reduced of methadone and I totally agree that the worst bit is the last, cravings are strong but battle on, you've made it this far, you can do the rest!

Keep yourself busy, have warm baths if your getting aching legs and sweats and before you know it, you'll be waking up and not having to rely on anything to make it through the day.
Posted: February 11, 2009, 10:58 PM

have you considered switching to subutex/suboxone and weening off that instead? your methadone dose is low enough to switch over pretty painlessly. buprenorphine is MUCH MUCH easier to get off than methadone!
Posted: February 12, 2009, 4:11 PM

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i am also on methadone. 50mg & tapering off 5mg a month. i have been on it a little over 7 years for an addiction to opiates, not heroin. i know that doesn't really matter. i'm starting to get really scared after reading some of your post. i wasen't aware that the last 10mg were the worst. i figured that with that little in your system that it would be fairly easy... guess not, huh? i have also been considering switching to suboxone to taper off. does anybody have any experience with doing that? if so, how'd it go for you?
thanks, jessica
Posted: February 15, 2009, 3:22 AM

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yeah im down to 5mls...the hardest thing ive ever done but getting there..couldn't do it without the help of acupuncture, valium and zopliclone..
but noone give up if we've got this far the worst is over...take care
Posted: February 15, 2009, 3:25 AM

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dont get subutex..i found them weird..also there are other things to help with the pain and yeah the last 10mls is the worst i had to slow down wen i got to that...if u need to chat just mail me
Posted: April 3, 2009, 6:32 PM

my boyfriend tried sebutex and it was terrible because they have to start you off on a very low dose and build it up till you feel ok and it was one of the worst times ever he couldnt handle the wait and ended up useing again that was ages ago and he was down to 10mls last week. He has decided to do it alone now (cold turkey) with the help of oxicontin tablets he likes those lol and some sleeping pills so far so good
good luck i know how very hard it is we have been through it all hell and back but dont give up it will be worth it in the end xx
Posted: May 17, 2009, 10:24 PM

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for me, 20 down was horrible. I went to the hospital twice, once of which I think was justified. I literally felt like I was losing my mind. The first two weeks after zero were the worst, but I also had lots & lots of prescribed meds to 'level me out'. I couldn't sleep for more than 90 minutes at a time. Right in the middle was 9-11-01. Awful awful times, but I'm so thankful that I was given the strength to get through it.
Posted: May 18, 2009, 11:18 AM

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Hi Kaliegh; thats fantastic ! 5 mgs ?...I cant even imagine !! Ive been on methadone a year now; and im sitting at a 80.5mg...what Ive heard about coming off is that you must do the last 5-10mgs really really small as possible...slow slow slow.... keep us posted here; were routing for you !

I know thats my next hurdle in this game...not sure when...but I know its coming...and I think being able to wake up and not have to take a drug will be soooo wonderful !!...hugs !

mike fv
Posted: May 21, 2009, 1:01 AM

Arrrgh! I'm going to 12 tomorrow.Know exactly how you feel. Quit once before a long time ago but don't remember how bad it can get. I do now. Had to stay at 16 for a month before I could continue going down. Doing it 1ml a week which is tolerable. Not looking forward to the last 5. Oh well, I've done it once before and I'll do it again. Hang in there. Mike.
Posted: April 25, 2010, 8:38 AM

hello there i have been on methadone for 18 years and I was 100 and now ive decided to go cold turkey off 10 mg and its day 5 so far so good not that it didnt take me 2years to wean down to that amount and spunout on the way i just hope i can beat this life long pain in the a** i just want some sleep and energy the sort i used to have ,, without the juice it must be possible is it ?
Posted: April 25, 2010, 9:23 AM

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18 yrs Huh?- Why did you decide to come off at this point in your life- - if ya dont mind me askin?-
Were you at a clinic? Was this a pain med- or for addiction to opiates? I ask because I have been on for about 20 yrs straight. The first few yrs I stayed low enough so I could still use dope and feel it.-
After awhile it became mdone and xanax- - Now for about 17 yrs its just been 100mgs of mdone a day. No more using on top.or pills . Hell, if I have 6 beers a yr -its a lot.
I havent thought about coming off in a long time. Life is good. All that I fu**ed up and lost has returned. Self-esteem, confidence, my family,and friends, my career, get the idea.

You have been detoxing for 2 yrs so, you,re going about it correctly. Are you seeing a therapist with this detox yet? Using a group?-
Sorry for all the questions but I dont know too many people to get off after 20 years ,as thier own plan.-and to just detox off a program is rare, people usually go inpatient
I know people who after a long time ,were thrown off, went to jail, couldnt afford it anymore, the drive was too far- ... or switched to the new medication that is used these days. Lots of wacky reasons- -

I found out that for myself- just not wanting to be on it anymore, wasnt good enough . My system has stopped producing endorphins long ago, and as long as this medicine doesnt effect my lifestyle I dont have a problem with using medicine to keep my disease under control.

Good for you though!! I wish you the best and a realitivley smooth transition

"The Edge... there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over."
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Posted: October 31, 2010, 5:54 PM

I have been on methadone maintenence 26 years. (I am now in my 50's) have raised 5 amazing children (three college grads) 1 professional dancer and 1 still in college with a music major and a minor in business. I have worked all my life in the business world - the last 15 yrs I have worked in civil service - own our own home, pay our bills and live like everyone debt...the American way! jk.
The reason I mention the job and children and all is because for many years I felf methadone was fine...kept me "sober" well atleast kept me away from the people and the life and the street drugs for more than 20 years of methadone maintenance so I could concentrate on a life with my children and my family, I go once a month to the program and keep it a very small part of my life (beside the fact I must drink it everyday). Because I believe the lifestyle and the people we choose to run with become just as addicting as the drugs we chase! So, as I was saying, I am writing this to ask anyone whom may know the answer, I would like to get off methadone - but everyone tells me at my age I would die or lose absolute control of my mind!
Now I know the latter is a bit dramatic but I do remember that in my fourth year of methadone maintenance I went to a in patient program to get off - I got out and within a month went right back on....I was so depressed I could barely function, after treatment and back on the job I could not think clearly or eat or sleep. I can't go through that again - at my age I am afraid of what would happen. I feel as though all the old wives tales about methadone addiction have come true...1. It gets in the bones...I feel like I am a cripple in the morning when I get up - every bone and muscle are so stiff it takes two hours to move around normally 2. It makes you apathetic...(somewhat true) 3. Causes brain damage -caused by overstimulation of the dopamine receptors - endorphines. This is my biggest concern - since I feel I am getting very slow when it comes to learning new things and or retaining what I learn. What can you tell me regarding dopamine receptors and the damage long term opiade
addiction may cause.
Thank you
Posted: November 1, 2010, 12:12 AM

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Hey there my name's Kitty good to meet you. I can only tell you what i know to be true for me. I'm on 125ml of methadone a day. I was also addicted to zopiclone (zimovane) and Valium and still trying to cram smack in to my body. I too have a home,mortgage,full time job,partner (who is not or has ever been a user) and a wonderful little girl who is 9yrs old. With the exception of a few months during my pregnancy i havent been clean in years. (ct in hospital why should i give my child this disease) I have used Methadone for many,many years tried subutex once HATED it. When i found this site i had just told my family i was an addict, i was so ashamed i pretty much stopped dead no smack, no methadone, no zopiclone, no valium. As i said i was on 125ml meth, smack, maybe 30-50 valium and around 10-15 zopiclone i thought i was going to die even had a couple of nasty siezures my mum called out a doctor who told me i was out of my mind (no sh!+) and put me straight back on methadone tried to put me back on valium and zopiclone to but i came this far. I fell off the wagon a few times but i didnt give up. I honestly think i'll be on methadone forever and i'm ok with it, i might change my mind somewhere down the road but it saved me. those last 10mls are awful from what i remember but i was in hospital pregnant so they tried to make me as comfy as possible subutex works wonders for some people if you havent tried it maybe you should stay away from zopiclone, they use valium to wean you off it what does that tell ya! About Methadone going "bone deep" its a myth ask your doc or methadone alliance. The dopmine receptors in your brain age with the rest of you, Anti-depressant meds mess with them more than any opioid synthetic or otherwise, also people with untreated or undiagnosed depression may have problems there too. Methadone gets such a bad press myth and missinformation dont help people on it are already so stigmatised and its unfair. When used properly it is an excellent medication, well used over many years with countless scientific studies carried out over long periods.How many of todays "wonder drugs" can say that. good luck stay strong i'm rooting for you, youve come so far, you DESERVE this much love kitty xx

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Posted: November 3, 2010, 5:22 AM

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Sorry long post thought it might help.

Lots of good stuff on here.

On the methadone my man was on it for 20yrs and 10 of that he was on IV amps because that was the only thing that could keep him off heroin and that didn't totally do the trick. But for him it worked he was a bad bad addict.

We went to see a methadone doctor specialist and he said all that stuff about it getting into your bones and rotting the brain was true a long time ago but not now and hasn't been true for 10yrs or so. He would prefer his patients to be on methadone for life he has some who take it in a tablet form ( we didn't even know that existed) equivalent to 150ml every day - than come off it and start using again.

My man had to come down from his amps and start taking the juice with it because they said no one had ever withdrawn from IV meth - ever. At 50mls juice and 30 amps he did a medical detox and managed to get off the methadone.

Then his problems started being physically clean is only the beginning methadone had been his crutch, an emotional dummy and he says if he'd have known then what he knows now he would have reduced down but stayed on it.

After four weeks clean he went into crazy street which after a really short time 9 days or so went to a bag a day then 2bags this is someone who had it controlled for years. His salvation has been a doctor who wouldn't give up on him and the detox unit who dragged him back. This is why everyone needs support.

He went on Subs and yes they made him feel awful and funny and messed around with his system - which is why many stop taking them. But they aren't a miracle pill you have to work with them. Put up with them making you feel s*** some days and being okay the next and then many cheat on them and he did as well jumping on and off them because there are ways around everything. And so we played that game for a while and then just like Jack said One day he started taking the stuff just like he should and it fell into place.

Whatever you guys do it is hard but please remember that the getting totally clean is only the beginning of it then you need all sorts of tools to keep you there. Please don't do the route my man has been down getting off everything and then going back to worse than where he was before. It's the head stuff that you have to treat - he's just got a therapist long long waiting list here. And he will aim to come off the subs at some point because they deffo aren't for long term use and do more damage than the meth but it won't be quick - the drug doctor says they have success with people who stay on them 12 months to 2 years those people don't go back.

Good luck to all


Stay Strong

Posted: November 3, 2010, 7:30 PM

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Sadie your response has prompted me to start a dialogue because there are so many similarities. I am 50 and have been on methadone for 15 years continuously. My life is leaps and bounds better these past 15 years with no self-imposed n the quality of life back that I lost after 20 years of narcotic addiction. The only time that I was close to a detox is when I started training to do a charity bike ride and was able to go down till 10mg with really not to much trouble but then the lethargy and depression hit. To make a long story short I was only off completely 1 week and used and got back on. Now the reason I was even looking at these boards is that my insurance does not cover the 400 a month fee and I can't see me footing the bill in my 60's. I also have concerns because 50 mg held me comfortably 8 years ago but as menopause has started I can feel my medication running out when my work keeps me on my feet longer than 10 hours. I have gone up to 90mg and that in itself makes me uneasy. I have had clean urines for over 10 years and feel like if I ever am going to do it now would be the time,
Posted: November 3, 2010, 7:52 PM

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I have been on mdone for over 20 yrs now- - I work with an advocacy group in NY
Don't go away, I dont have the time now- - but I read an article on the direction this treatment is going, as many of the patients now are in thier 50- to 60,s- including me-

Ill look for the article ,and post back - - These links below are interesting ,but not what I was looking for

These 2 are good to show to people who don't know much about MMT as it's very accurate, easy to understand information . (there is also a part 2)-

These are short -only about 8 or 9 minutes each. For those of us using this type of therapy -let me know what ya think-


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"The Edge... there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over."
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Posted: December 14, 2010, 8:08 PM

Hi yall after reading alot of the posts here I had to add my story, I have been on methadone maintenance for going on 16 years now, at first upon getting on the program I had been addicted to herion for 2 years and didnt know anything about methadone cause if I had of I would have gotten off long before now, as a person who does not do sickness well at all each time it came to me wanting to get off methadone I would detox down only to find myself increasing my dose because of withdrawal symptoms starting, I also roller coasted up and down from 95mgs down to 15mgs for over a 2 year period still I wouldnt get completely off because I was truly scared of withdrawal. I dont know if the bone thing is a myth or not but I do know that each morning my entire body aches especially my back n hips, I can admit that I am out of shape and dont take vitamins like I should I am also 50 years old with high cholesterol, thank GOD thats my only health problem. I also find that although I am on 80mgs I dont sleep at night and I find that on occasion I have stomach problems where as the methadone doesnt help it, I get 27 take home bottles and only have to go to the clinic once a month which is a good thing cause I am a nurse and work nearly 80 hours a week, I would love to eventually get off of methadone but im afraid of dying and afraid of kicking, I have never tried any of the suggestive meds although I've dabbled with xanax n elavils n the past, what can I do yall any suggestions r helpful, if I have to stay on it forever I will but prefer not to, thanks for lettin me vent yall.
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