11 Days Without Posh And I Cracked
Posted: March 3, 2017, 9:41 PM

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I haven't actually asked for official drug services, but i'm strongly thinking of asking for help.

During April 2009 I went to rehab, in the time between February 2009 was effectively T-total until May 2014 except some of a pollen spliff (hash) smoked on a summer dayin the balcony smoking area at (Cliffton ward, Kewstoke hospital, near weston-supermare), which was a Low-secure rehab, and a single hash joint was all I had during my rehab. I was in low-secure rehab for 9 months, april 2009 to January. After I left low-secure rehab I was more of a priority for housing and got a decent flat (after being on a waiting list since I was 17 at the end of 2005). After leaving rehab I finally had my own flat, which was what saved me from becoming a pill head.
A full year went on after rehab being T-Total, only tobbaco. I bought five grams of mephodrome, (right before it became illegal) kept it in storage for a month then I threw it all away without taking any. After that i bought spores and supplies and grew psilocybin cubensis (golden teachers :) ). Once I grew it and dried it weighed to 16grams, which I took over two and a half weeks to finish (all by myself), so between 04/09 06/11 that was all I took, i took nothing at all after that until the end of April 2014, where I went to a party at my sisters place (The Granary at Tapely Park), I drank alcohol for the first time four and a half years, at that point I wasn't smoking tobbaco, so a guy there rolled me a blunt, after four and a half years without Marijuana I was wrecked, literally tripped from it. After that point I haven't gone more than 7 days without getting high on something.

Sorry if I have written too much backstory. this is my first post.

In November 2016 I tried coke washed up with ammonia for the first time (Crack). Since then I have spent £1400 on it, I have recently tried to quit, I managed eleven days without cocaine. today I sold my Sennheiser HD650 reference headphones, my Hobbit 3Dbluray trilogy and my lord of the rings extended edition to CEX for £80 and I bought a half. so while i was high on it I decided to join this website and just vent steam. I want to quit, not really sure how. I know I have a problem. i have 0.2g left now, i have had a couple of little lines, a adequate sized rock and three mini rocks which I know I won't throw away.

The dragon i'm chasing is Music, chasing the best sound quality, I take drugs to enhance music, as the various drugs alter brain activity, the brain activity in the cognition of sound. It's the reason why I like decent stereo setups. Ill ramble on another night
Posted: March 4, 2017, 6:39 AM

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I've been in your shoes- sold some of my belongingd to cash converters to get hign-

Only you can decide But

I know you need help ; you have a progressive disease

Try an NA meeting , get a sponsor work the steps

Your life will change.
Posted: March 15, 2017, 3:00 PM

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half of the problem is how addictive some drugs are. you have to say no and never take them or try them. you see where it gets you. back to a place you dont want to be in. It resets the clock for your sober time. resets the cravings. keep saying no, and putting more time between you and the relapses.
It is time consuming and financially wasteful. find something to distract you when you crave. change your habits for a while. go to meetings, or online recovery.
Posted: March 20, 2017, 12:29 AM

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oh, I faced the same problem last year. Though overcame anyhow.
NyToFlorida; Your suggestion is so good I think.
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