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What Are You Doing Differently?

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Posted: March 17, 2020, 9:02 AM
So, as an opener, the topic is: Willingness
I noticed in the news today that the ABC Stores, state owned liquor stores, are closing about 50% of their locations here in town. Had it been a few years earlier, I'd have been paying very close attention to which ones were remaining open, etc., and making sure my supplies were topped off. I would have gone to any lengths to get my buzz on...
Today, I must consider the same approach toward maintaining my sobriety. Many people with a modest amount of sobriety have started having small meetings within their homes; others are meeting in the parking lots of their homegroups; still others are meeting at open-air parks and pavillions to carry the message.
Additionally, places like these boards may start ramping up again as we rely on technology for outreach. Thanks ARG/Mods!
Oh. Yeah. And there's also the phone. If you're new get phone numbers!
Stay Sobah!!!


Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservation.
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