3 Weeks
Posted: October 19, 2018, 5:37 PM

Three weeks ago I went into the hospital with severe pain in my abdomen and lower back, the pain was so bad I couldn't walk upright. I was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis at 27 so this was a wake up call on my drinking. I was drinking everyday for the last 5+ years. I would always just rationalize it, like i had it under control and could go a day without drinking if I want to and "I don't drink during the day so I'm not that bad."
It's been really hard because I do not want to stop drinking but I have to because my body pretty much told me "hey, you're done with alcohol no more for you." Everyone of my friends drink and its so hard being around it but I've went three weeks with out any alcohol so far. Then today i took a shot of vodka someone left out, I am taking 100% responsibility for it not blaming anyone but my own weakness. I knew what I was doing was really bad as I did it and I tried to rationalize it again but I know thats just me trying to make sense of why I did it.
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