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Posted: September 26, 2018, 7:53 PM

so my son finished his rehab a few days ago. Seemed okay the day he was discharged then the following day said he was really depressed. He was to start Intensive Outpatient that night and when I asked how it was I received a one word text... Since then he doesn't answer my text messages. I know he is alive because I can see he is using his phone and I did receive an email with just a receipt attached.
I haven't heard from him at all today.
I am not sure if when I called his IOP and told them he was pretty depressed if they went and told him I called which made him angry. I just don't know. Do I just sit back and wait for him to make contact. I hate this . He is all alone so far away with no family and very few friends.
Posted: October 2, 2018, 8:26 AM

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Hi Onthe Edge
I am sorry for your pain and suffering. You son has no need to be alone and isolated. There are AA meetings all over the world where he can find people just like him who will understand, support and love him - and it doesn't cost a cent.

If he's out there on his own that is HIS CHOICE and hard as it is you cannot fix this for him. he has got to want it and want it bad.

Try not to agonise about whether you contact him or not. If you want to let him know you love him go on ahead, but if its trying to control or rescue then let it go. He's an adult yes? Presumably he knows how to use a telephone and can call you if he wants to.

Your son can't help the fact that he's an alcoholic or an addict but he can make choice to seek out help and act on that help. His choice and his alone.
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