Posted: September 25, 2018, 6:10 PM

Hi I just wanted to share my experience with codeine to hopefully help someone. I was prescribed it for pain-became dependent on it and then started buying nurofen plus over the counter as it has codeine in it- was becoming a big problem and making me anxious. For some people tapering works,but not for me. I went cold turkey.The first week was terrible-sickness,bad stomach,anxiety,weak but now in the second week am starting to feel better- my tips are stock up with a lot of soup,keep drinking soft drinks,rest as much as possible but also try to distract yourself watching tv Tec and the drugs phenergan and diazepam helped get through the worst days at the beginning. I feel that week was difficult but am very glad to have done it.At the moment I feel like I never want to see a codeine tablet again!-and the bad symptoms do gradually get better. I've now been prescribed non opiate based painkillers which help.I hope this might help someone as I know how hard it is to stop.Codeine is a good painkiller but can lead to a lot of other problems
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