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Quitting Otrivine Addiction

Posted: March 16, 2018, 5:35 PM
I thought I'd write down my recovery from oxymetazoline hydrochloride (Otrivine/Afrin) Addiction.

I made a decision to stop using on 28th February 2018 in the afternoon.

Bought myself some Sudafed tablets, Piriton Tablets (Drowsy Histamine) & Pirinase Spray. Had some naseptine steriod cream. I had tried quitting 2 years ago, but let go within 4 hours.

Also got some breathe easy strips. Get the good ones. Don't know how much they helped, but any help was good help.

Let's be honest. The medicines take a while to kick in. You need to be determined.


28th February

1.30 PM - Quit Using
3.30 PM - Both nostrils clogged (Cement Nose)
Learnt how to flush my nose with Saline water. Not much help.
I kept up most nights as my right nostril was almost always blocked. But I didn't give in. Sipped hot decaff coffee, watched tele.

4th February

6PM - Left nostril stays open most of the day now and right nostril was closed only in the evening.

Bought a squeeze bottle to flush my nose. Works easy as right nostril was still cement blocked, but the pressure helped the water go through.

5-6th February

Left Nostril was almost always open during the nights. If I slept on my left side, my right nostril opened up half way and left closed half way. That'd do for the next week.

7th February

1PM - Left nostril blocked again, but I could breathe about 5-10% from my left nostril while sitting in a meeting.

9th February

Got Antihistamine spray from my dr. & nasal spray beclomethasone. Used both individually and in combination multiple times a day over the next week. Both nostrils now stay open most of the time.

12th, 13th February 2018.

Both nostrils now stay open all day long, operating at left - 100%, right 80-90%. Doesn't even bother me in the day now.

16th February

1AM - I'm almost considering using ortivine in my right nose. But I hang in. Read more forums, get more hope from others. Just then I felt my right nostril open up ever so slightly.
Slept for straight 6 hours for the first time in 17 days.

3.30 PM - Had a nice nap for 2 hours. Left nostril 80% open, right nostril 30-40% open.

Fingers crossed, it's getting better.

Hope this helps someone. I'll try and post more if I can.

This is a horrible legal addiction. Please stop using it.

God bless you
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