Rebound Congestion?
Savanna Smith
Posted: January 7, 2017, 2:40 PM

have been addicted to sudafed nose spray for 4 months. I've been off it 5 days I can hardly breathe. I expected this becuse I was addicted before and I stopped using had rebound congestion for 2 days and it went. The difference this time is that I've been off it 5 days and it's still the same but it's mainly in one side of my nose and only goes when I lie on the other side and then that nostril gets blocked!! When I stand it helps but when I sit it comes bk I'm scared I've damaged my nose is this normal rebound congestion or something more sinister I've got a burning tingly feeling the odd time in my nose and a pressure at the top I am only 25 ppl as been using for years without to many problems surely I have not done damage
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