Are Bad Routines And Lifestyles An Addiction?
Posted: December 29, 2018, 10:50 AM

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They say addiction includes ignoring consequences of actions. If someone has a detrimental routine and/or lifestyle and does nothing about it shouldn't that be an addiction as well?

The alkie/addict here seem as much addicted to lifestyle which includes and late day/early evening stop at a bar followed by a late night meal/more drinking. He considers himself an expert on bars and boasts he knows how to tip for free drinks. He also doesn't look at price tags/shop meaning he spends money like it will expire by the end of the day. Only the best. Yet he's had bankruptcies, cars repossessed and utilities cut off along with borrowing/not repaying 10s of thousands from family and friends. It's almost a sense of entitlement would the addiction.

Wouldn't any detrimental lifestyle, habit or routine be an addiction of sorts?
Posted: December 30, 2018, 12:30 PM

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One of the things with the lifestyle addiction is that the alcoholic/addict is constantly working people for money, not just for a substance but for lifestyle.

He considers himself a "professional" business man even though he has a failed business, personal bankruptcy along with years of unemployment/out of career specialty(business management). He also fancies himself of a man of excellent tastes always dressing for fashion;not practicality .

He always to tries to socialize with his richer friends. By his own admission he maintains certain relationships attends their events because one day he hopes to do business with them. He even bad mouths them commenting he "has to" endure another evening with them. One guy he's been working for over a decade. He is always angling and frequently plays the long con waiting like a predator to ask for 'a loan' or do business with you. He had a girlfriend who had to admonish/prohibit him from talking any business/finance with her father because she saw he was going to pump him for money. If he thinks you have money he can get you to 'share' with him you are a buddy until the word no.

Besides the constant hunt for money he likes the high fashion clothes, fancy restaurants, entertainment/social events associated with this kind of deal making. He loves 'meetings' like everything's super important.

Like many addicts they seem to fall into the role/persona of a grifter always looking for a way to get money out of someone.
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