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What Insurance Plan Will Get Me Into A Good Rehab?

Posted: May 5, 2018, 4:39 PM

Obviously addict here, had a bad accident at 19, turned oc addict, then heroin addict for almost 8 years. Got on suboxone though started drinking to make transition easier or whatever I told myself. (All my friends who survived and switched to Suboxone or methadone did the same, I guess its common?) Drank heavily next 6 1/2 years. Got off that myself with tapering the alcohol and mail order benzodiazepine. Now I am stuck on those benzodiazepines for last year and a half and am taking 100 mg of one, which equates to 125mg of Xanax. That's every night. Right now I am on state insurance which is for s***e, and got an offer of my father paying for insurance. I know there will probably be a large deductible? for rehab, though I have been saving for that (actually for a car, but obviously I can not handle that.) Im still on subs as well. What company and plan set up is best so I can pick the rehab I want (have been in atrocious ones before, did research, found a good one). I don't feel as though I can call the insurance and tell them this, even though it is my understanding that Obama made it so it cannot be a pre-existing condition? Bottom line, I don't want to let the insurance know, as I know I will be treated differently and possibly shafted. Please help! I am so ready. If it matters, I am 33.

Thank you to whom post.

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Posted: May 28, 2018, 2:07 PM
I am going to post a reply that addresses this and the other insurance question in this thread. Sorry no one gave advice earlier. Hope you are OK.
I believe the insurance depends on your income. If you have no income or below 16K? per year you can be accepted for Medicaid. over that, in the next income bracket are the low cost 'affordable health care' plans. about $50 per month for basic medical, dental, vision. this does include behavioral health. Medical only can be $20 per month. you do have to sign up thru a local representative.

my son went to a local recovery center where he was able to meet with an agent and she signed him up. go to any of the social services departments in your area, just keep asking for the information until you find the right people, giving you the right information.

I think if you fill out one of the forms on the internet, many insurance agents will call you - wanting to sign you up. if you go this route BE VERY CAREFUL that the insurance covers the providers in YOUR area. I would not be surprised if someone sells you insurances over the phone that is not in your county.

It is best to talk to someone face to face in your area who will be honest about the coverage.

this type of insurance is accepted within your state or county - not for insurance in another state. do some homework about what the insurance covers and what insurance the rehab takes.

idk about the pre existing condition statement. if that was true, no one at the recovery center would be able to sign up - and that is not true - the first thing they do is help you sign up for insurance at the recovery center.

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