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Posted: February 20, 2018, 6:24 PM

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Hey family- Big Nomad here:
Dope took over my final years as a teen. At 17 a "friend" exposed me to what it is like chasing a dragon. I fell hard, put my friends and family through so much pain, and nearly fell off the end more times than I care to remember, along with many friends no longer alive. From there it was alcohol as a substitute. It was bad for a long time. 10 years clean off Beatles and 6 years without alcohol.

It's been hard dragging this star up the hill, but I am still here. Today I hear the glorification of prescription drugs all over the airwaves and I am fed up with it. With Lil Peep overdosing, and opiate crisis at a peak not only in my home of Ohio, but the nation, I have decided to get back into music and GIVE US A VOICE. I feel no one understands our circumstance. I will never be the same.

If this is appropriate, please visit my page and like, follow, share, and support the movement. Let us be heard. #TooLittleTooLate
Posted: May 9, 2019, 11:50 AM

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The term “movement” refers to the “guts” of the watch. The guts of most Rolex models are unique to Rolex, and are patented. They work pretty much the same as all other self-winding watches. You can see a Rolex 3153 movement here:

This is the "movement" used in most, but not all non Rolex, self-winding Swiss watches:

Japanese "movements" are used in mid-range "self-winding" watches that cost under $200. Chinese "movements" are used in all the cheap throw away "self-winding" watches.

Now that I told you what a "movement" is, I assume you are speaking of the “smooth movement" exhibited by the second hand on a Rolex. Said motion is not all unique to Rolex, it is not patented by Rolex, nor was it invented by Rolex. Nearly all “self-winding” watches exhibit said motion. And the difference between them is so little that in most cases you can not see the difference.

“Perpetual” is just a Rolex trademark for “Automatic” or “Self Winding”. You can not trademark a pre-existing term like “Automatic” or “Self Winding” so Rolex came up with their own name. Most modern manufactures say “Automatic”. No matter what the name, it all means the same.

Most uneducated people incorrectly call the “smooth second hand” a “Sweep Second Hand”. A “Sweep Second Hand” means the second hand is attached at the center of the face, and not sitting in a sub dial. You are almost hard pressed to find a watch without a “Sweep Second Hand” these days.

Almost ALL “self winding” watches have a “smooth” second hand. They might not move as smooth as a Rolex, but you will never be able to tell. Most premium watches like Omega, Bertling, Tag, Buliva, etc have the same, near the same, or even smoother movement of their second hand.

You can buy “automatic” watches with Japanese "movements", and second hands that move as smoothly, or almost as smoothly as a Rolex just about anywhere. See here:

Even Wal-Mart sells them for under $100. You can find some on E-bay for under $20.
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