Which Is Really The Real Way?
Posted: November 24, 2017, 2:35 PM

One former sponsor just told me I can call him if I feel like using. But a week ago, another former sponsor reiterated what he (and every other sponsor I ever had) said, which is that it is dangerous to the sobriety of another addict to talk to them at such a time.

The first rule of recovery is do not take anyone else down with you.

Not sure how to process this. I sometimes talk to my non-addict friends when I get an urge. But I would be afraid to talk to anyone in 12-step recovery at such a time.

Posted: November 25, 2017, 9:25 PM

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Others on this website have said that about sponsors, too. They don't want to hear from you when you are craving. Look at the links at the top tabs of this website. Treatment, Programs, Resources, Beyond Recovery. Look for a community recovery program in your area or a different area. community/state/county run programs will charge on a sliding scale and take insurance.
Look for a therapist/counselor/recovery coach who is qualified and will talk to you about cravings, etc.

PS - how to process the statement by the most recent sponsor.... ask him, confirm that is what he said/meant.... possibly he can handle it and it is OK to talk to him. If that is a current topic for you, ask his opinions, suggestions, etc sooner when you have time to talk, and not wait for when you are craving

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