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1 Year Weed Clean - My Life Will Never Be The Same

Posted: July 10, 2014, 7:12 AM
I have the experience such as being weird around people.

If you want to get weed rid of your system try driving cranberry juice, vitamin B groups, drinking baking soda might help you too and focus of eating healthy stuff like fruits, cooking meals at home and cutting fast foods (no eating fast foods) hope this helps it has helped me so far even though I only smoked a couple times which was joint and pot.

One last thing I want to say smoking pot is way bad than joint.

Posted: July 13, 2014, 12:37 PM
What a great discussion, I'm so glad I came across this. Even though we may feel really crappy, there is some comfort in knowing we are not alone.

Here's my story,

I had the first puff of a joint when I was 16, I got nauseous, threw up, and had some more.
I have been smoking daily ever since. My husband, who as the one that handed me that joint so many years ago, was smoking even years before that. We were daily smokers, wake and bake, a hit every couple hours, and some in between just to "celebrate". It was always fairly easy to get, especially when I got my medical card. When your smoking it just seems normal, you wonder, why is t everyone else doing this, they could be so happy....

It felt great, but never felt real now that I think back on it.

So this is now 15 years later and day 3... We've both quit smoking weed for good. First, we didn't want to be at the mercy of the drug dealers, (now living in a state where it is illegal), second, we were spending waaaaay to much money on it, and third, it was definitely controlling our lives.
We made the decision purposefully when we had the money to buy it. We wanted to feel like we were the ones making the decision and I tell you that was a good start.
The past few days have been straight hell though.
Headaches, body aches, I've probably lost 5 lbs in sweat (Seems like I can't even drink enough water to replace what's coming out, that's most likely where the headaches are coming from).
Not to mention, when your stressed, you digestive system shuts off. We fasted on day one, But even eating on day 2 was a big mistake, we could both just feel all our food just churning and sitting in our guts. Horrible!
I don't think its just a coincidence that this is happening, or it only happens to certain people. I think heavy smokers who say they could quit any time are just deluding them selfs.
It's like the pot was the happiness, it was tricking our brains to be relaxed and happy through artificial means. Now we have to re learn.

I do believe your brain is an amazing source of power. I try to smile at myself in the mirror a lot. I know it sounds silly, but even faking a smile can trigger something good in your brain. Fake it till you make it! ;)

My advice to others, your diet will also be a big help, stay away from stimulants like caffeine and any neurotoxins such as aspartame. Drink lots of water and have lots of fresh fruits and veggies around.

We can do this!


Posted: July 15, 2014, 3:17 PM
Hey, i was reading through as typed in google and this page came up. I've been smoking everyday for 6 years now im 24. Ive tried numerous times to stop, once for been nearly a month and it didnt seem that bad, but that was a long time ago!! Today is my attempt again but its so hard my family don't know and u cant really talk to them. I wont go doctors as ive got 2 children and dont want to be looked down on or risking my children been taken away. I cant talk to fella as he smokes it same and for longer than me and his moods are far worse than mine. i feel i can sort of cope with it but i have no choice but to cope.i feel i had some sort depression after my 2nd child, I really dont know what to do! I feel stupid for talking about it even though i need too! Any words or tips will be appreciated x

Posted: July 22, 2014, 9:07 PM
Hi everyone my name is Craig and I have been a weed smoker for 22 years from the first minute I woke up in the morning till last thing at night all I wanted to do was get high and not have a care in the world.I am currently on day 3 of stopping and I am having a nightmare time trying to sleep the sweats are unbearable and I am thinking to myself you don't have to do this to yourself just skin up and everything will be ok I am not going to I have made myself a promise this time is for good.I have started attending na meetings was at my third one tonight and can I say to anyone who is thinking about attending these meetings please give it a go.This is the first time I have sat in with a group of people and felt like nobody was judging me they were not looking at me and whispering look at the state of him he looks stoned out of his face the usual stigmata that comes with smoking pot.I really feel like with the help from na I am going to beat this evil addiction I also came clean to my two most important family members my wee granny and my auntie who have raised me from an early age this was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do I swear I heard my wee grannies heart break when I told her but she gave me a big cuddle told me she loved me unconditionally and we would get through this together this has gave me a little more strength in my battle against the pot.weed has robbed me of my confidence my drive and the ability to function I couldn't even go to the shops without thinking I need a smoke first I would have one before I left the house before any socialising then sit there paranoid thinking they know I am baked they can smell it off me please don't talk to me till I would leave early to race home to skin up it had totally took control of my mind and body it is horrible but I couldn't stop.I wouldn't want to even try counting how much money I have spent on it over the years as I could easily have bought a very fancy car it is probably the only drug unless you have the same problem as us that people are so ignorant to how can you call yourself a drug addict you only smoke weed I have been in denial for so long and only admitted on my first na meeting on Sunday that my name is Craig and i am an addict when you are ready to say these words you are ready to go into battle to beat this drug I wish I could have discovered na a long time ago but in the other hand I would have probably laughed at you as I was still in full denial I had a problem it has taken me 22 years to realise this please listen to me if I can get through this anybody can I will keep you updated on my progress and if anybody would like to chat about anything I will be here thanks for taking the time to read my post take care

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Posted: July 23, 2014, 1:34 PM

If you have smoked for 22 years you have engrained patterns of behavior and thought which revolve around getting high. The day just seems brighter...food tastes better....movies seem more interesting. Everything seems better when high. So where does this lead?

It leads to living just to get high. Pot smokers can absolutely abuse their drug of choice and still remain fully functionable. Sure, I might look a little sleepy, be a little slower, and not have much energy - but that's about it. It makes me more quiet and inward, more lazy, but beyond that I have not noticed any lingering long term problems.

My problem is I cant seem to smoke in moderation. I go 2-3 months sober and seem to hit a point where I get really down about life. Not sure if this is withdrawal related , or something else, but I get really depressed about 2-3 months out. It's at this point I go back to smoking and the first instant I feel the effects I think, "Why was I sooooo down?". It provides instant relief for what I call depression and I begin to question why I ever needed to quit. All I need to do is just smoke once a day and it becomes like a medicine in how it relieves my anxieties.

But I cant stick to just once a day. I have that excessive personality that goes to extemes with things like this. Very shortly after starting , I slip into all day use. I actually enjoy this for a week or two, but then my tolerance shoots way up and I have to start smoking A LOT to continue to feel the effects. So after 2-3 weeks it becomes too expensive, too draining, too distracting, but the real kicker is that I dont get all that high when my tolerance is up. It becomes a waste of time and money.....so I quit....then repeat the cycle.

I have had a temporary peace about this type of use. I say temporary because I experienced real addiction with the synthetic, and the weed has helped me ease out of those withdrawals in a way that is similiar to a 'taper down' approach to quitting. But I dont plan to continue this indefinately. It actually builds my self confidence knowing I CAN and DO lay it down any time I want...that confidence hopefully keep me away completely.

Pot smoked after a long absence can be VERY enjoyable when you smoked a lot prior to quitting. But these effects diminish fairly quickly, and I understand that what I experience after a few weeks of binging is not even really getting high for the effect - its simply a habit. I dont even enjoy it all that much after a few weeks, it just seems weak.

A big question to answer? Can you be a pot smoker in the open, to friends and family? or are you too ashamed? Does it still have to be a secret that you smoke? If you cant own what you do publicly - maybe you shouldnt do it. If you CAN own it - use it in moderation if you want, just be aware of the consequences of being caught. Pot isnt heroin, meth, crack, or even alcohol...the most harmful consequence of pot use is getting arrested or losing a job because of a failed drug test. But psychological dependence is a real danger with pot. It's easy to believe that you need the drug more than you really do.

You get through this by asking every question you can think of, and getting all the information that is relevant to substance abuse. The void from not using gives you time and energy to do this now....fill your time getting answers - it helps!


Posted: July 26, 2014, 7:08 PM
wise words from Ditto, I''ve been off of cigarettes, weed, alcohol and cocanine for the past 8 days and feel hella awesome..! Ditto's comment has touched me the most and has inspired me to continue with my soberty, it's all in the mind! Stay positive mates

Posted: July 30, 2014, 7:31 AM

Thanks for your question. I have actually never had a relapse before, so i'm just as new to this as you are unfortunately. I had only just started smoking towards the end of august last year and quit in june after having sort of a mental breakdown from smoking too much in one sitting. I had taken a long look at my life, and i realized my excessive drug use was just me trying to avoid being apart of life, and the loneliness was killing me. I have recently just got a new job and have found a new hobby through learning to play the piano. It's only been a month, but since I have given up smoking, I would say it has gotten better, i am finding joy in my life by doing things i am passionate about, and not the pressures of what i feel are expected of me, and while it is a long and hard road, in the end i know i will be a better person for it, and so will you Joseph. Find people that love you and care about you and let them help support you, or even this community, you're not alone. We are in the same boat my friend. If you or anyone else reading this wants to talk, i am here for you.

Posted: July 30, 2014, 12:00 PM
You quit smoking weed, yet you take all those prescriptions from the doctors. Dude that s***s is way worse for you. You're lonely since you quit smoking because you told all your friends to hit the road. Dude I hang out with my stoner friends even when we don't smoke. I've never gotten the sweats, shakes, insomnia or any of that s***. You p**** you're the reason me and other people I know are wrongly told we're addicted.

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Posted: July 30, 2014, 7:58 PM

Is this the same Josh from the synthetic weed forum? If so, good to hear from you. You said you gave up smoking only recently? Just curious...


Although I agree with the sentiment about anti-depressants, I wouldnt condemn people who are struggling for answers and end up following a doctors advice. Having said that - I have a family member going through SEVERE withdrawals because he is tapering down off long term use of an antidepressant. Very scary stuff - almost had to be hospitalized and he has been completely off it for a whole month , but he started to quit back in January. His advice? He would NEVER take another again even if he was facing death...

You measure how bad an addiction is in the withdrawals - he claims his withdrawals to be worse than heroin.

just sharing...


Posted: August 5, 2014, 7:43 PM
Hi Guys,

Im 31 and have been smoking weed pretty much everyday since i was 15, probably earlier. I've been marijuana free for 1 month exactly today, and i feel like s***e but I'm slowly feeling better, (things seem clearer and I'm not second guessing myself or being too self critical). The past 10 years are just a blur to me, smoking upwards of 1/2 oz of skunk in an average week. Started on rocky which was no where near as strong as the green I've been blazing for the past god knows how many years.

Its a real inspiration to read about what other people are going through and that I'm not alone and that my withdrawal, whilst eating away at me, is no where near as bad as others, for which I'm eternally grateful. I think im really lucky I've not had to stop due to serious mental health problems. Ive not had any major panic attacks and any anxiety i have, i seem to be able to deal with ok and maybe I'm used to it living with weed for so long. Im just done with how i function on a life of dope.

Ive f***ed up relationships with decent women, lost touch with most of my friends and began to struggle with little things that never would bother me. Im touchy, moody, irritable, and generally depressed, i never used to be any of these things. Weed really has turned me into an arsehole slowly but surely. Ive wanted to stop for years and the longest I've gone is 2 weeks, but now i feel totally different about it, and I'm ready for the change.

This may sound weird and cheesy but last month we went to Amsterdam for a friends 40th. Being there and buying and smoking freely changed how i see myself and dope. To the locals there its the same to go and have a joint in a cafe as it is here to go to a bar and have a beer. But from all the people i met there, not one had an addiction like me or my friends. Its purely a social part of their lives.

They couldn't believe that we smoked every day of every week of every year (My friend who has just turned 40 has been smoking since he was in school too, much longer than me) i guess all these years of not being happy with myself has finally hit home since I've been back. I returned home wishing i could just go back to a few joints a week and keeping it under control. (Still romanticising over cannabis) After this last month of hell i now see that this can never be, i need to get free for good otherwise I'm just setting myself up for a harsher fall in the future. I never would've thought that a week in Amsterdam would bring me to my senses after so many years and make me want to break free and be done with the crap you put on yourself being a stoner. I don't mean any disrespect by that to people who still smoke weed but I'm done.

Anyway, i just wanted to say that things are starting to feel much better now. The first few days i would throw up anything i tried to eat. Even a glass of water would make me gag. Now though, no more stomach ache, headaches, runny nose, legs don't ache, craving for a joint is about half as strong as it was on day 1, but still there, but now they are a reminder of how stupid id be to go back to my ways.

The worst thing by far is insomnia. One month on and i think I've had about 10 hrs sleep on average per week. Its killing me. Sat staring at the clock at 4am having had no sleep knowing my alarm will sound for work at 7am, that in itself would've been the reason for me to relapse but I'm doing my best to be strong and keep my sanity. Another problem which persists are the night sweats, man is my body doing its best to sweat this s*** out, if i do sleep i wake up drenched. Im hoping these will lessen over time. But overall i think its still a small price to pay to help me get myself back together. I know its early days yet and I'm well aware that the worst may still be yet to come with PAWS, but after one month i feel like a new man compared to when i was lighting up in dam square. One thing i have noticed which is rarely mentioned, is i have a sense of de ja vu nearly all the time. Guess its my brain playing catch up.

I just wanted to share my experiences with my demons, and tell people that are running low on hope that things do improve. Ive smoked weed for longer than i haven't smoked weed, 16 years and I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, even if it is just a flickering candle.

Green tea and cranberry juice made me feel a whole lot better so they are definitely worth a try for people still struggling with nausea.

Thanks for everyones stories and being able to relate and making me feel less of a junky. Made a world of difference reading these posts to my wellbeing and good luck to anyone who's battling with themselves, its all baby steps so far but things look better than they have in a long while.


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Posted: August 6, 2014, 12:09 AM

I applaud your approach and attitude in regards to quitting long term use.

You mentioned that when in Amsterdam you saw a different attitude towards pot. People dont seem to have the addictions we have in this country when they dont have to worry about getting arrested. When illegal, people buy in greater quantities, put more of a stigma on smoking, and usually live a secret life to friends and family....it just seems to be dishonest.

The same can be said for alcohol in European countries. With no drinking age in some countries, people dont see it as such a priveledge...and tend not to abuse it as much. I guess the same goes with pot in the Amsterdam cafes. No novelty, no mystery, and consequently - not as much abuse.

So if this is the longest you have stopped - keep at it. I quit smoking for most of my 30's, and if I hadn't, I would been in much worse shape as a result.

So keep working though it - the worst part is already behind you. If like me, you wont hardly think about it at all when sober - which is where you want to be.

Posted: August 12, 2014, 5:44 AM
Hey all. Im a college student and have quit for about 4 months now.

Everyday I wake up unsure how the day will play out. Some days I get this sense of clarity where my life is normal again and I feel and react as I know I want to, but it only lasts a few hours. Afterwards I go into the fog feeling in my head and about the objects around me.
I feel as though Im living in a waking dream, unable to really form memories or remember things even when I stare at them determined to do so. Everything is almost like a movie. Its there, happening. I can see that, but its not happening to me. Just around me. I am obviously taking part, but I dont feel connected. Its hard to explain and hopefully some of you have experienced it.
In short it feels like when you drive somewhere out of habit; you dont notice whats going on really and before you know it youre at your destination, but cant remember the ride there. Only difference is I am trying to force myself to notice but just cant seem to.

When I have that clarity though its like I just woke up after a year. A regular drive around town becomes amazing as I actually notice things such as the trees I drive past, the people moving about, ect. I will suddenly just get this shock and randomly I am no longer just sitting, but I am sitting at my computer, in my room, with coffee in front of me and the smells I somehow didnt even realize were there are all hitting me. Its like I suddenly snap back into existance.

Anyway, was hoping somebody could offer me a timeline on how long it takes to get back to normal? or anything that helps it along. I am 23 and have college to push through still and this obviously makes it incredibly hard.

I smoked for about 2 and a half years. years that seem like they werent real even... Glad to provide any info more than whats posted. Just hoping for some help.

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Posted: August 12, 2014, 8:58 AM

Read up on PAWS, it will help explain some of what you are going thru. Stick with sobriety, you are in college and are forming the career and life you will have the next several decades. You want to be clear headed - pot will just make you content with whatever you have at the moment - so focus on your future and dont smoke.


I have been watching the sad news of Robin Williams suicide. I see many similiarities between his story and my own. He was one of the most 'manic' comedians in the business....but he also suffered from depression. On a personal level he was very sensitive, easily got his feelings hurt, and had a low self worth. Despite all his success in life, it was never enough because of the inner demons he was battling throughout his life.

He had battled alcohol & other addictions throughout his life. People who knew him said he suffered from SEVERE depression the last decade. He again had problems with alcohol and explained that, "he hadnt confronted the underlying issues at the root of addiction." People think when they quit for an extended time they are cured....but you are NEVER cured if you are one of these people. Addiction is a disease that is based on chemical imbalances - people try and level out their chemicals with one drug or another, but in the end the more you mess with your head - the worse you will be long term.

Depression is a real problem in this country. Society will tell you its OK to take 'legal' drugs to combat it, while condemning the 'illegal' drugs people try and medicate themselves with (like pot). The truth is that it doesnt matter whether legal or not - in the end both paths lead to drug dependence and further chemical imbalance. The only way to avoid the pain of reality....is to never experience reality. So if you are medicating to solve depression, you almost have to continue to do so forever to avoid your true feelings.

I have someone in my family, much older, and has known me her whole life. Very religious, and VERY against marijuana....but she also takes several prescriptions for pain and depression. She is hopelessly addicted to modern medicine ....oxy for pain, ambien for sleep, and a 'coctail' of antidepressants that have turned her into a mental zombie. She wants to quit, and will most likely have to go to a rehab to do so....from 'doctor approved' LEGAL medicine.

I'll wrap this up for now - I could go on forever. People who read my long posts know how long winded I am. I've been called manic. I too am very sensitive, easily hurt, get angry/frustrated with the hurt, and when I internalize this anger/frustration....depression. If you ever saw Robin Williams do one of his hyperactive interviews....that's me in real life. I talk way too much ( as evidenced by my writing), and as a result find it hard to keep people's attention when thinking about all the various angles of whatever topic I am talking about. People who are around me put up with it when its good or funny....but when I had my downspell a few years ago they quickly tired of my endless self analazations. They stopped listening - so I stopped talking. I have written over 1000 pages , answered 5000 blogs, and have had endless converstations with people outside my family since then. My conclusion? I need places like this to vent and write observations because I will simply wear out people in person - especially if the talk is of addiction.

So dont stop listening to loved ones and their problems - even if you think you are covering the same old ground over and over. And if you cant talk to anyone else , find outlets that will give you some sort of feedback - it helps to write out feelings. This site has really helped...

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Posted: August 13, 2014, 8:45 PM

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Posted: August 13, 2014, 10:15 PM
Please know that you are a savoir to some, as when speaking of the "SPICE" which was it was called during my day. I found your posts to be informative and truthful, so please keep sharing your story.

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Posted: August 14, 2014, 9:09 AM

Simple words of encouragement mean a lot to me - Thanks

I had the worst Spring of my life this year...I have not even attempted to write about it yet. Hard to even talk about it.

but thanks for the post :)

Posted: August 27, 2014, 2:25 PM
I have stopped smoking weed after 14years everyday my main problem started after I went to Australia where the weed is A GRADE spent 300 dollars a week on a ounce now im back in south Africa trying to find the same but stopped about a month ago since stopping I attacked one of my clients tried to throw him off a 4 storey building ,hate my sister who I have always had a close relationship with ,told most of my friends to f off and am really thinking of just offing myself am really starting to think will lose all if I don't start smoking again it is a month now but im losing it day by day more and more

Posted: September 2, 2014, 12:17 PM
Hi Ben and everyone else who is reading this,

Before I get into anything I wanted to thank you and everyone else who posted in this message board. I thought I was alone until today.

I am currently on day 8 of my journey to recovery. It was been one of the toughest things I've ever had to do in my entire life.

I started smoking weed when I was 17 after school because I felt as if it was an escape from reality (whether I realized it then or not). I was considered a "smart kid" in high school but when I went off, on my own, to university I had no money to smoke and I hated it. I started selling "cherries" to feed my addiction for both weed and money. It started out small, with small amounts of "cherries" and than I started selling more and more. The more I sold the more I smoked. It got to the point where I was a junior in college and selling amounts I don't care to post on message forum (But it was a lot). About 2 years in my parents started asking questions. "Where is all this money coming from" " Why don't you ask us for anything any more?" I didn't have answers to the questions. They assumed I was selling "cherries" and they assumed correctly. We barely spoke over the next 2-3 years and I began smoking all day everyday and nothing was gonna stop me. I had this blind confidence that I was unstoppable and it wasn't until I had a gun pointed at my head, not once, but three times, until I decided to quit selling "cherries". The third time was pretty dramatic. They Stole everything I had from me and I didn't know what I was gonna do. Who was there to pick me up... my mom and dad.

After quitting selling "cherries" my parents and allowed me back in the house after graduation. I had a job about 4 months after I graduated university… got fired after 2 weeks. At this point dabs were in play. Thankfully, I only smoked dabs for about 4 months before I realized I had started selling again so I could dab for free. I realized thats how it started with weed and I wasn't going to let that happen again.

I am now 22 years old. I have no money and no life plan. It has been about 6 months since I stopped selling "cherries" (8 days quitting smoking) and my confidence and motivation have plummeted while my depression has sky rocketed. I too have the feelings that if something bad was to happen to me I could just off my self and that would be that. Would I actually do it… probably not, but the fact thats even a thought that crosses my mind scares the living s*** out of me.

Thankfully my sleeping schedule isn't miserable anymore but I had a couple nights where I was sweating buckets in my sleep. Absoloutley drenched in sweat in the middle of the night, tossing and turning, it was miserable. My sleeping schedule still isn't perfect and I may wake up a couple times in the middle of my sleep…. but I am going to sleep with out smoking or anything else. The first couple days after my withdrawal symptoms I had used nyquil and that worked well for me but realized I want to be all natural from now on and stopped using it. Sleeping is hard but not the toughest thing in the world. At the end of the day you need sleep so I fall asleep.

I hope that one day my drive and motivation come back once day but I know it won't happen overnight. To try and cope I have been going to the gym everyday and trying to begin the process of becoming a personal trainer. I hope to go to grad school but i can't even bring my self to start studying again because I am so terrified of failing. The last thing I need right now is to deem my self a failure. I figure if I can at least feel good about my body thats a start. Without the support of my parents I'd be in jail right now. I couldn't thank them more for everything they have done for me. And one day I will repay them. I hope everyone hear has some kind of support system whether is be your friends, AA meeting, family, or whatever. No one should have to do this alone I hope that all of you can kick this god awful habit no matter how f***ing glorious it may seem.

Good luck to all of you. I'm with you in the struggle.

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Posted: September 2, 2014, 1:56 PM
All the folks that I know who got and stayed clean/sober are in AA/NA.

We are sick people and can't beat this (addiction) by ourselves.

All the best.

Bob R

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---there are those too who suffer from grave emotional and mental disorders but many of them do recover if they have the capacity to be honest.

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--- I fight recovery tooth and nail....
I'm not used to being sane, it just doesn't seem natural.

...... According to the great spiritual teachers, ignorance does not result from what we don’t know; ignorance results from what we think we do know.

---Some think that 2+2=5 and believe it.
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---Most problems are psychological.
Most solutions are spiritual .

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Posted: September 3, 2014, 5:31 PM
That is the most weak minded thing I've ever heard. Just because you can't kick the addiction doesn't mean others can't. Post something positive if you are gonna post ima forum like this you scrub
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