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I Can't Stop Smoking Marijuana!!

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Posted: December 27, 2017, 9:14 PM
Not surprising people find it difficult to stop- i have three middle aged friends who have been smoking it since they were teenagers and all except one say they can't stop.

The third told me he was trying to stop and had discovered the real problem; it was the tobacco all along....But guess which one he still does, yes, it's the weed so for him the weed is even harder to give up than tobacco!
My son used to get so desperate for weed he would steel from us to get it!
In the UK alot of weed smokers strongly deny weed is addictive and you will get shot down by some for even suggesting it MIGHT be. Instead it's quite common for people to blame it all on the tobacco!
I said this to my son (a decade long weed user) and he just laughed ' why do we bother putting weed in there then instead of just smoking plain tobacco, it would save us a load of money!'

Seems the USA is (as with many things) way ahead of us on this one and so people will at least get support and understanding because it's already recognised to be a genuine problem.

The product has changed and as other posters have pointed out, it's the stuff that's being added to it that's adding to the problem. To make matters worse i have read that it's actually very hard to find the purer forms here in UK anymore so all in all its no longer the 'harmless' drug you did once or twice in college or that is made fun of in some comedy films, it's actually just another potentially dangerous drug best avoided in the first place.

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Posted: June 7, 2018, 3:57 PM
I am in the same, except instead of my Boyfriend breaking up with me, I converted him into a pod head. I regret this so bad and this is one of the reasons I am quitting. I am a slave to weed I’ve been watching YouTube videos, attended an NA meetings and I’m tapering down, and trying to focus on all the good things that come when you finally break the bondage. It is an addiction and many people don’t Believe that and it makes it harder to quit because you yourself are convinced that it’s not necessarily a bad thing. But if you can’t stop to say have a great relationship then obviously it is a problem for some, including me. I smoke 3x a day for 20 years. I have a great job, kids, everything I need but Marijuana has manipulated me to think I am not happy unless I smoke. I want to be clear headed now. I KNOW weed has held me back, I am so ambitious when I am not high, but Im always high and going nowhere. Give up weed if you are dependent on it, soooooo much to gain. Wishing everyone wanting to quite the best of luck 🙏

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Posted: December 17, 2018, 7:54 AM
I want to smoke weed?
Ok so i'm 13 and i want to smoke marijuana because marijuana users report less depression and can cure blindness i read that on a few websites :)And because I am nearly always stressed..i need something to relax me :3
I also know ALOT about it.
But I have been diagnosed with depression and i have aspergers syndrome.
So i was wondering is it ok if is smoke some?
Will it mess with my brain?
Also I am short sited,thus i can't see very well without my glasses...will cannabis affect my eyesight?
And I am VERY anxious

Posted: December 18, 2018, 9:51 AM
No it’s not okay if you start smoking. Sorry but you need to let your parents and doctor know your still having depression. Your just too young to take this route. Be strong and don’t do drugs. Can you talk with your school counselor or is there someone else if you can’t talk to your parents? Do you have any friends? Are you around people who use it? Smoking is a bad choice especially at your age. Your brain is still developing and doesn’t need smoking. Please be diligent and seek help. Please keep posting. Sorry to be so blunt but I started smoking at 14 and I have regrets. Happy holidays🎄
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