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Does Smoking Weed Make You Angry

Posted: July 8, 2014, 9:08 AM

We spoke several months ago regarding my issue with pot. Do you remember my name is Michael.
Big G

Posted: July 9, 2014, 2:37 PM
Lazy, Bad temper, eat to much, and never dream!! have been my way for approx 15 yrs id like to add its day seven and iv not had a J its hard and i fill a bit lost but i want to give up smoking full stop. I suffer with asthma witch has come back and i am not sleeping well but i will hold out as i don't want to depend on this s**** anymore. Its hard but im going to do! good luck to the rest of you trying, stick with me its going to be a tuff ride xx

Posted: July 16, 2014, 3:10 PM
I have no doubt that marijuana causes aggression and apathy as well as mental processing issues.
What I find so very destructive and misleading is, now that pot is legal in some states and used medicinally, some naive people are under the impression that it is a safe drug BUT IT IS NOT SAFE. How could a drug that causes permanent structural defects in developing brains, apathy, aggression, rare head and neck tumors, stomach pain and mental processing problems be a good drug??? They did not do any long term studies as to the efficacy of pot to shrink tumors. Chemotherapy shrinks tumors (sometimes), but CAUSES CANCER in the long term. There are so many dangerous FDA approved drugs on the market that are killing people, yet, now that pot is being legalized it's suddenly safe?? Another example are cholesteral meds, sure they reduce cholesterol and down the road cause early dementia and lots of other serious problems, yet, they're STILL FDA approved. If pot is so effective at shrinking tumors why did Bob Marley die of so many brain tumors???

My observation is that people who smoke pot lose more and more of their ability to reason, remember, learn, think and behave properly. They become sloppy and lazy and unmotivated. They stop caring about important matters. They are more likely to make public scenes without caring. They stunt their maturation and tend to lash out and irrationally blame others for their own faults. In short, pot, like most drugs, take young people with promising futures and divert them down a loser path. Drugs lie and the people who use drugs lie. Look at the facts don't believe the propaganda designed to destroy good minds and bodies and lives. Stop using all drugs before you lose it all and have grown too old to turn it all around. Time marches on. I pray you stop using drugs now. God will help you but you must do your part. You'll earn your own respect and the respect of others when you do but most importantly, you'll save your life and future from ruin.

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Posted: July 22, 2014, 3:22 PM

I havent stopped in here for a while - just checked in and saw your post. If there is anything I could help with - just ask. I had a very bad Spring this year - some of it had to do with smoking pot.

My story might help you understand yours...

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Posted: July 22, 2014, 9:16 PM
Hi Dac my name is Craig I would love to chat with you please I have read loads of your posts I am currently on day 3 of stooping my 22 year addiction I have stated attending na meetings which are helping me enormously hope to hear from you

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Posted: July 23, 2014, 12:49 PM

Feel free to ask me whatever you would like. I usually get on here at night or morning (its noon now). I forget how bad the synthetic really was, but I am still very familiar with what I went through.. Let me know if I can help.

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Posted: July 25, 2014, 3:40 PM
Hi Stephen Sanders, Just read your post are you still off the weed as it was 2013. I have someone who is going through extreme mood swings and I cant help her as she wont accept its the weed.
Shes fine one minute and very down and suicidal the next. Her so called friends keep getting her back so she's on and off it because she has money and they dont so they use her. I have had a go at all of them and told them all to stay away but they just laugh in my face. They tell me what the benefits are not the bad bits. I get the bad bits and I cannot get a word in edgeways when shes screaming in my face or on the phone. She repeats herself as well when shes having a go.
Its like shes on a constant loop. Its such a waste of a life which hasn't really begun yet. Shes beautiful intelligent, has so many talents, but all wasted because she has got in with the wrong crowd and just because they dont want a life they shouldn't be taking hers. Can you help im at a loss, I have looked at so many websites and they all contradict each other.

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Posted: July 26, 2014, 11:42 AM

Quitting weed can make you very irrittable and even upset , but it depends on how long, and how much she has smoked marijuana. All day - every day use can make this a rough time but it really is something else making her angry - the withdrawals just complicated it. For me addiction is more about someones personality type. Some people dont get addicted to anything, others simply take one drink or puff and they are hooked for life, but people like me - and I'm guessing your friend, are undecided in what they really believe about smoking and therefore quitting for good. Especially if there is pressure from others to stop.

If a person stops for OTHER peoples reasons and not their own, it simply wont work. ALL you will hear from the person quitting at this point will be the good qualities of their chosen drug, they wont mention the negatives. This is because the other side of the argument ONLY mentions the bad effects, usually exaggerated bad effects that a person who smokes is already well aware of. It's like the two sides talk over each other - no one hears a thing, so this type of confrontation only increases the chances the person will continue to use. People wont trust an opinion if they cant get their own heard!

For myself I found I fell into a pattern of use that would roughly give me a 2 - 3 months of complete sobriety.....then a couple weeks where I smoked what I wanted. During my sober time I would be convinced that I was done for good - once I would get around 2 months or so though I would seem to get really depressed too. Complicated for me, because I really do have some difficulties in life to sort through, so a lot of my depression is over my situation. When really depressed I turned back to smoking for a brief time - it seemed to help. When I got back into my all day - every day smoking pattern , I would then quit again cold turkey - throwing all unsmoked weed and pipes away as if I were done for good. I've repeated this process 5 or 6 times.

The reason I dont quit for good? I dont want to....plain and simple. If I was out of control and ruining my life I would quit for good. To me it is a matter of values. I've heard people on this site talk about taking anti-depressants for years and trying to quit - but cant. Life is much harder to cope with without that little 'boost' of encouragement that a drug offers. I've read where 'clean' people have argued that even if they didnt live as long it would be worth taking their 'head med' - because life without their drug is just too hard to handle. These are LEGAL drugs we are talking about now. Legal drugs that cause addiction and dependency in all who use them - but it's legal addiction and dependency....Why bring this up? Because I have the same attitude about marijuana. I use it to temporarily relieve stress and to deal with mild depression...no physical addiction - just psychological. For me this works, so like your friend I would be very hard to convince otherwise. It's not the black and white argument everyone portrays this to be...

I went on longer than I wanted, but this topic is important to me. Legally marijuana is considered worse than the other drugs it mimics....but I dont accept that. You measure how BAD a drug is (legal or illegal) by the withdrawals, and by how many people it kills. Long term uninterrupted use is not good with anything - its the EXCESS of use that is the problem. Bring up my solution to your friend and see if she can stop for any meaningful amount of time... If she cant stop voluntarily - she has a problem. But the problem is more in her attitude about the drug. If she changed her attitude - she would change her behavior. Tell her stopping for a couple months is a small test for addiction....if you cant stop long enough to evaluate yourself when sober - your evaluation wont have perspective - and perspective is what will eventually allow a person to quit for good...


Posted: July 31, 2014, 6:42 AM
Thank you, for taking the time to come back too me. What you say makes a lot of sense. I have looked at the good and the bad sides to get as much information as I could before I got to this site.
On the bad side yes she is going through a lot of issues created by other people the problem is she cant seem to get these bad things out of her head and gets very angry. I thought it was the weed making the aggression come out the way it does because in all the years I have known her she has only been this angry aggressive in last year and half. All the bad things that have happen are repeated over and over. I thought this was because if you have bad things happen the weed keeps you in the dark place longer, without the weed you only think about something bad for few min then go on to something else. With the weed its like she can only focus on all bad and cannot see a light at the end of tunnel just keeps repeating same thing if that makes sense. She suffers with depression and anxiety I thought instead of the weed helping doesn't it make it worse. She has been prescribed depression tablets but we looked up tablets and your right a lot of people are addicted and instead of couple of weeks they are on them years and suffer so many side affects. I dont really get there purpose as they are supposed to help but cause so many problems. She doesn't take them, and said the weed calms her down. I haven't ever tried I smoke which is just as bad i suppose but its hard for me to understand that if its true it calms you then why so much aggression. Yes understand bad stuff 100% and I can see why shes angry but why shout and scream if this stuff is supposed to calm you or put you in happy place. I dont understand that part. I just wish there was more i could do for her.

Posted: August 3, 2014, 6:39 PM
Hi everyone, I'm new to this post... Was initially searching for some help and info as to weather on not pot withdrawal makes a person angry, I'm sure it's not my imagination... My husband and I are very close most of the time and get along great... But then... there's the man who smokes a few joints now and again... Wow what a difference, not while he's smoking it but the days following, when he's ran out. It's uncontrollable, sometimes I can cope (while walking on egg shells) but that's when I can remember what's going on... Most of the time I forget and it catches me unawares, I'll say something he doesn't like and off he goes... I wish I could just disappear for a few days when he's coming down as I always end up really hurt. He is very passionate about the fact that "there's nothing wrong with marihuana", therefore it makes for a closed subject. Also he does a very good job of blaming me for the arguments we have, it can b something very slight that I've said and yet all of a sudden he's all over me, mad as hell, nasty, and (evidently) I've caused it.
I just need some constructive advise guys.... What is the best way to handle "the come down stage", cause I love him and I am at my wits end as to what to do..

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Posted: August 4, 2014, 5:41 PM

The frustration and irritation thing are real in the days or weeks following quitting. It depends on how long the person has gone without a break from smoking. The irritation is made worse because the coping mechanism (smoking) has been taken away, and the person has taken this route so many times that they simply dont have any other constructive way to deal with it. It's made worse when the person feels pressured to quit , or is doing so to please someone else.

A simple analogy. Guy gets mad - yells at wife - wife yells at kid - kid kicks dog. The anger gets passed down from each stage to the next. But when the guy gets mad - and has the drug to absorb the anger, it doesnt get passed on this way. So he needs something else to take the place of the drug....exercise, music, reading, etc... No replacement ? It will be rough for a while because he is really mad about not having his escape, but it goes away after a little time.

If he is truly committed to quitting it's easier. People go into sobriety kicking and screaming when it's done to please others, or because they 'have to'. This might be where you are at....just keep talking to him about it, work through it, understanding the problem helps BOTH parties in the end. This WILL pass...

Posted: August 17, 2014, 12:04 AM
I'm reading some of these and noticing a pattern. Ppl are already angry or depressed and began using weed as a crutch. Then there is the withdrawals, which are more than likely a coming to terms period because they've been bottling these feelings for YEARS. Maybe I'm just misinterpreting, but I've seen it with all sorts of addictions.

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Posted: August 17, 2014, 8:20 AM
Ive smoked weed off and on for 16 year.

It can cause mood disturbances and make angry its no different to stopping tabacco.
Paranoia, thinking people are out to get you, munchies, panic attacks etc are classic withdrawal from smoking cannabis freqently. Ive memory troubles also. Irritablity sleep problems the list is endless.

Take day by day and mark down off calender write down your progress may help you quit.
Dont wanna go down dont go up!!

Hope yall ok
Suspect reporting


Posted: August 27, 2014, 3:53 AM
Interesting reading. I've been an on and off pot smoker for 37 years. A lot more on than off :)
After doing all that research I've come to the conclusion that the anger that users experience when they try to stop is a release of any negative emotions which have remained repressed/ignored for as long as the user continuously smoked pot. When you're ripped all the time you don't see any need to make a big deal about issues that make you homicidal when you're straight. I also believe that if you smoke constantly for long enough, especially if you start before you've reached full adulthood, that it interferes with the production of endorphins necessary for certain neurological functions and it can take a long time for the natural balance to be restored, depending on how long you've continuously smoked.
I started smoking when I was 14 and for 20 years it was a crutch, I was a neurotic twit who couldn't get her act together, then I stopped and went through all the anger and crap while I dealt with personal problems. A couple of years later I had a joint at a party and I enjoyed it so I started smoking again, but I've never become totally dependent on it. I have a joint some nights and a couple on the weekend. I have a very responsible job, and a really good life with no drama.
I think that it's rarely the substance that causes the problem, it's the substance abuse. Some people drink too much, some people smoke too much, some people eat too much.......
Peace and love to everyone : )

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Posted: August 27, 2014, 10:33 AM

Your insights into usage are spot on. I have also gone from all day every day use to just the occassional smoke. I get $10 worth about every two weeks - when its gone its gone.

I found that when I smoked, I experienced paranoia because I didnt want other people in my life to know that I was high - mainly my wife. Once we agreed to disagree on pot - she didnt freak out anymore. I dont worry about a big fight happening just because she smells pot on me. By accepting that occassionally I will do this, and that it's not an abuse of a drug - but just an occassional escape, we dont fight about pot at all anymore.

Escapes arent bad, they relieve stress, anxiety , and the pressures of life. They are a much needed break when one can catch their breath mentally, and get that 'reset' that I know I need from time to time. It's kinda like eating your favorite cake if diabetic. Occassionally wont hurt - but if you ignore your health (mentally with pot) and abuse your DOC, well then you have a problem.

People get VERY inflexible when dealing with drug or alcohol usage. Ultimatums dont work with people like me - they will just make things worse. Each side needs to give in a little and compromise. The hard line should be towed only when it adversely affects your ability to provide or negatively influences your kids.....my kids only know of my usage because my wife used to tell them to shame me. I wonder if this is the case with others as well?

Its hard to argue you're "powerless" over something you only do a couple times a month...

Posted: September 12, 2014, 7:43 PM
I smoked weed for 10 years and was extremely angry at friends and family during that time. When I smoked the weed I felt ok, but the next day I was very dark, I felt irritable and the slightest thing would make me fly off the handle in to a rage. It was very scary for people. At the time I thought it was everyone elses' fault for getting on my nerves. I eventually quit weed because I had such bad anxiety and I wanted to try life without it for a while. I stayed away from it for 10 years straight and I felt so much better, my anger problem went away completely.

Then earlier this year I got some weed again for the first time in 10 years! I have been using it about twice a week since all year, but the days after I have smoked I get the same old anger problem again, so now I know it is definitely caused by the weed. I just feel so low and irritable and the slightest thing can make me get angry at people. After a few days I feel fine again, but then the next week I have my weekly smoke and the same thing repeats itself the day after.

The obvious solution is don't smoke it... But it is hard because I love what it does for me and I have suffered from anxiety my whole life, so getting some genuine peace of mind while stoned is a very big thing for me. But if I can't overcome this anger problem I will have to quit again. I remember my good 10 years with no weed and I know I can do it again. I am hoping now that I know it is the weed and not the real me, that I might be able to fight the anger when it shows up. But it is so hard to do because it feels real, even though when I look back at the situation that made me angry, I can realise it was not sensible to get angry.

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Posted: September 14, 2014, 4:36 PM

I think you make some interesting observations in regards to the anger thing. I have experienced this as well at times. It seems to be the worst after smoking for an extended time. My patience seems to be shorter with people...the temper seems to be closer to the surface than when completely sober.

But if I dont smoke on a daily basis, this doesnt seem to be the problem. I think once the brain gets used to ANY drug on a regular basis, then the drug is taken away, it induces anger. Being aware of it helps, and can minimize the chance an incident will result in an argument or worse. Anger is borne out of frustration...When something in life challenges us after a spell of smoking - we want to quell the anger by smoking, if we cant do that we become frustrated and getting angry is a very predictable result.

I've heard it said that depression is frozen rage - rage turned inward. When smoking we are more likely to express this rage. I've always thought that this lessens the depression....but at what price?

I've done the off-again, on-again thing for a few years now. For me right now quitting everything for an extended time is the goal - just to clear my head of ALL influences.

Working out and exercise modify anger too. Just running 15 minutes a day does wonders for me. I think when we quit and do nothing else different in our lives - it makes it really hard to recover. Positive steps need to follow quitting if it is to really take root.

Posted: September 20, 2014, 5:15 AM
Hi all

It has been fascinating reading everyone's posts on here. Majority wouldn't agree to what I'm about to say.

It isn't always the weed's fault. It depends on the person and how they decide to use it. I have been smoking weed for nearly 7 years on and off. It has never caused me to get angry. I have always had a short temper but I learned to control it over time. Call what you may but I get upset if there is even a slightest change in my routine or if someone springs something on me without a good time of warning about it. Can't handle surprises as sometimes I get angry or I get so upset that I burst out in tears. It has been like this since I was young and I only started using drugs since I was 21. The past 2 months I have been getting angry for no apparent reason and I would lash out for the smallest things. I was still on heavy doses of pain pills when my anger started taking my personality over.

I haven't had my normal doses for the past 2 weeks and absolutely enjoying feeling normal again. Even though I smoke a joint almost every night before trying to sleep. I am being more productive than what I have been for the last few months on the pain pills. Weed has never had any bad effect on me. What I mentioned earlier are probably OCD effect that I have but I am working on it to better myself. To accept change, even if it is last minute.

I would work myself up so badly before I have to drive home after work because of the traffic. I'm not use to driving in the traffic and sometimes I get very anxious if a car is just in the slightest bit closer to my car. And driving at night with drunken people on the road works me up a lot more. There has been nights that I feel a panic attack building hours before I have to drive home. But it is my mindset that I have to work on. Yesterday I decided I'm going to test something out. I kept on telling myself that everything will be ok, whatever happens will happen and I will be ok with it. It has kept me calm and relaxed. My anger has hardly spiralled in the past few days. I'm enjoying my good moods for the past few days.

Someone that I know cannot go without weed. He didn't smoke for a long time and he was constantly angry. On the odd times he drank it didn't help his temper either. When he smokes his calmer and accepts things a lot better.

I'm not disagreeing with all of you, as I said it depends on the person. A couple of my friends that smoked wasn't always a joy around them as they get very angry and put everything down. Weed made them angry or maybe they only focused on the bad things. I can almost compare it to alcohol, you get people that are generally still happy when they drink and then you get positive/happy people that get extremely abusive off of one drink.

Weed shouldn't control the person that you are. If it makes you a bad person when you don't have it then it is truly controlling you and you should entirely quit.

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Posted: September 23, 2014, 9:19 AM

I enjoyed reading your post. I think you make a lot of credible insights into the behavior/drug relationships that so many of us are attempting to come to grips with. I was especially interested in the contrasts you made between pain pills and marijuana.

I have a theory that I have tested time and time again when I go back and forth between smoking and abstinence. I evaluate myself and write what I think I find. I look back on these writings later and try to make sense of them with a clear and sober mind. With marijuana I have found that there is an 'unbundling' of thought, creative energies are released, and it can help decompress your mind by allowing an 'escape' from frustration and anxiety. But this is only when done in moderation. What moderation is for each person is something I dont know, but I know that if you depend upon a substance----any substance---- for this relief for too long you will become dependant upon that substance , and subsequently will become addicted. About 1 in 10 marijuana smokers become 'addicted' or daily habitual users. I am one of these people, so whatever path I chose for the future needs to take this into account.....I cant do things I like just a little....I have an all or nothing excessive personality. I either want to smoke everything I have on me - or nothing at all. Currently it is nothing at all and I am committed to staying away until I have a better grasp of what is really going on with myself when I allow myself to smoke.

Pills have a different effect on the brain. I have to admit that on this I only have a very limited experience because I HATE pills. Most of my information on pill abuse comes from other people, and from reading extensively on the subject. People in rehab, drug dealers, and long term users of both legal and illegal prescriptions have important insights into this topic. The consensus agreement seems to be that pills numb you...lower brain activity electrically...and give you false hope because you will always need the pill to feel normal. There is no release or escape because the pill path is permanent. These are just my opinion and my observations - but the true thing about pills that cant be debated is that most are toxic in large quantities and will kill you should you take too many. Where I see marijuana as a temporary fix or release...pills almost always lead to extended long term use for even 'non-addictive' types. Meaning people who dont have the addictive tendency that I have will still become addicted.

Lily - you mentioned you thought what you were saying was controversial. New information and insights will always be considered controversial by those who believe they have it all figured out...that they have the one true answer that no one can debate. On the topic of addiction, it is very frustrating to run into that wall of "Just say no" because it fails to answer so many other questions that a true addict will want answered. So YES, be controversial, be honest, write what you see and it will help someone out there who is also thinking the same thing you are on this subject. We need MORE information and insight into the world of addiction - not less.

As always I mean to type a few lines, and I get carried away. Sorry for rambling, hope someone finds something useful or relevant to their situation.

Posted: September 23, 2014, 12:59 PM

Thank you so much for your post. Honestly I was getting ready for a tell off but I am very intrigued to what you said.

What I have come too realise in last few weeks, is that each person must find their own way of getting clean. It is on each of us that are addicts to take the power back, too take our lives back.

Sometimes I wonder if I don't over step the line on here because I only talk for myself and my experiences. I didn't fall in the way most has on this site and I don't want to be disrespectful to anyone. I'm a very deep thinker and think sometimes a tad too much.

I haven't smoked weed now for 4 days and haven't craved it one bit. I smoke when I do have and only as much as needed which is extremely little. Half the time I mix it so it's hard for me to get use to it. But what I can tell is that I am keeping a very fine eye on how I am using it.

I build a very quick resistance against pills, with these pain pills that I have been using has kept on working but I didn't notice the resistance building up.

In regards to weed is that I don't like smoking more than 2 joints when I'm with friends. Don't like how I start too feel out of control. It's one of the reasons I stopped drinking other than the odd glass every few months.

Any ways now I'm rambling off. I will definitely agree that used too frequent and too much does make you dependant.

Something else that I'm going too ramble off it the next: weed does make you focus on the task that you working on. I'm a arty farty person and love drawing, etc. Where I lived before the place drained all that away and the only times I could really get into my art side was when I was stoned. I didn't like that a place was stealing that side of me. So now that I am gone from there I'm getting it all back and I'm loving. No need for weed to make that connection. I do however still enjoy being stoned every now and tend when I do arty things.

Like I said I only talk for myself and I don't promote people to smoke weed unless they know what they get themselves into. I also do not believe weed is the gate way to more drugs. Anything can set off that trigger to start using any kind of drug. I've heard of so many people that only smoked weed after they were on whatever drug they started with.

It's funny how you say that expression of 'an all or nothing excessive personality'. My saying now are slightly different go big or don't go at all. Only thing is I start thinking excessively first then decide to go big or not. I didn't think at all when I took my first shot of heroin neither with pain pills. I thought I would be able to control it, I was sure that I am in power of myself. I was so damn wrong. I used those to fill something in my, still don't know what it really is but I am making peace with it. Weed I only enjoy, yes it does slightly help me sleep but did come to realise it doesn't help as much as I like it would. So I don't see the need of smoking it so often.

Again thank you for your post
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