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Does Smoking Weed Make You Angry

Posted: September 14, 2013, 3:27 AM
I am 35 yrs old. I've been smoking weed since I was 16 years old , from 18 to 30 I was off and on crack cocaine but have been clean from that for five years now , I have been in and out of the system . Rehab . Recovery , and even the penitentiary , I recently got married to a woman with two children and love them to death . I have been smoking more weed to cope with the stress of two young children as an escape and to keep me calm during the day . I also suffer from ADHD and anger issues and hav noticed when I smoke weed im calm for a bit and then when i start coming down or usuaally the next morning I am the scariest person u will ever meet . I've smashed chairs , tables I name it I've broke it . I have never hit my wife or kids but they are terrified of my rage . I can't control it and scared I'm going to loser family if I don't quit , if u have any inclination to quit then I say DO IT !! I certainly am . It's either that or lose the ones you love .

Posted: September 20, 2013, 9:14 AM
It is such a relief to read these posts. My partner is 49 he has been smoking weed sometimes skunk on a daily basis for more then half his life. He smoke spliffs like others smoke cigerettes. I have been with him for 14 years and have come to the end of my tether. Last sunday he throw a fit because I gave him toast and I did'nt offer him an egg sandwich.Because he had brought me some shopping. He said I was trying to keep it to myself,I was mean etc etc it just went on and on. He threw tea up the wall and poked me in the face,I had to lie about the bruise on my face. This is how its been for many many years. He goes through short spells of being okish.But even going out shopping is like a white knuckle ride. One minute he is is ok the

next he is getting stroppy and he is rushing ahea

d whilst I scurry to keep up. He gets loud.He gets abusive.Our relationship is going backwards. I am now thinking at 54 do I really need this. I just want to have a happy life and get on with things. He never wants to go out,we have never had a holiday together, never even been to the pictures.Because of the way he is we decided that we should only see each other at weekends and maybe once in the week. I dread people asking me on a Monday morning "hows your weekend been" as more often or not we have had words. He lives with his elderly parents who put up with such verbal crap from him its embarrasing to see. They are so kind and his poor dad even offers him money to get weed if he hasn't got any just really to keep him happy although in the long run he is'nt helping. He has cut down on the amounts he puts in but the number of spliffs has built up again. I did'nt know to much about the effects of smoking weed and skunk but always thought this was the reason for his anger. I told him after this last out burst that this was it give up or we will have to split. Its his addiction not mine. He chose to carry on smoking. Not the best thing to say to an addict but like I say I have had enough. He split up from his last partner who he had children with because of his anger. It is absolutely amazing what comes out of his mouth sometimes but very very frighteneing. He wants to see me tonight but to be honest I just don't know what to do. Thanks for this site It has been good to let it out. I went on a forum last week and the people on there said they had never heard of it making people angry. You guys have confirmed what I thought. God Bless the lot of you. And a HUGE round of aplause for those who have quit.xx

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Posted: September 20, 2013, 11:12 AM
When your body does not get it's dose of weed, it makes you irritable and angry..You realizing your anger and wanting to get okay is the first right step to recovery..You need to go in for anger management and getting into a good rehab would also help you..

Drug Rehab Treatment

Posted: October 19, 2013, 5:46 PM
Hi I have the same problem as slot of you guys. I have smoking skunk now for just over 15 years and it is very rare for me to miss a day sometimes I smoke a 8th a day. I'm not bragging I just want everyone to know it is the weed that makes us angery. I have stopped know. Well it's only been 2 Fay. But I'm finding it so hard. Can anyone help me please? I am supposed to be getting married next year but if . Carry on the way I am this will not happe. Please someone help me.

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Posted: October 20, 2013, 12:41 PM

Stick with it. I have quit after years, after a few months, and done it several times. With MJ the only real withdrawals are a little sleeplessness, irratability, and disrupted eating habits. Even after heavy use this will be all but gone after about 10 days or so. The real problem is the mental aspect to quitting. All your habits revolve around getting high and that is hard to break free of in the beginning. Get a couple weeks out and this will disappear as well. If you replace the bad habits with good ones you can get through it much easier...Just dont stop trying!!

Posted: November 22, 2013, 3:07 AM
thank u all for what you have said it is very true marijuana does calm you but coming down from it is the worst that's what causes the anger bursts and once you have had that outburst and upset people you cannot take it back as the ex wife of a pot smoker I developed anxiety from his outbursts so I now suffer because of it all

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Posted: November 25, 2013, 12:35 AM
You should leave it. Because it’s injurious for health.
Sara Elizabeth

Posted: November 27, 2013, 12:16 AM
Hi, I am 16 and spent a year and a half with my ex boyfriend who is 18. He has been doing weed on and off for about 5 years. Years ago he was way more calm and easier to talk too. Lately it's just been a mess. He is easily irritated and we seem to argue about everything. When he gets angry he can't seem to control it so he does something stupid like punching stuff and destroying property. He has already been to jail and is in trouble with the law. I've been begging him to stop smoking weed, he stops but then does it again. He smoked so much of it last time and almost had an asthma attack. Now that we haven't been together he's been smoking everyday. I love him and care about him so much...I don't know what to do! :(

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Posted: January 2, 2014, 6:06 PM
I am not an expert on this topic by any stretch of the imagination but I am simply amazed that anyone would be lead to believe pot isn't a mind/personality altering drug. I to have been addicted to what I believe is a controlled substance; Tobacco. I chewed tobacco for 25 years. Every time I tried to quit I was a complete a-hole. The withdrawals were unbelievable. At times, so much so that my wife would actually buy me chew so that I would calm down. I gave it up 3 years ago and my anger streak came to an end. So FWIW, yes I believe pot can have a definite affect on changes in personality.

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Posted: February 14, 2014, 12:21 AM
For the past couple months I've noticed my behavior and attitude towards many things has changed drastically i get angry really easily, i don't eat much, and constantly on and off with my parents. Every time i regret this every time i do smoke, i wouldn't say a lot but more so often. I do it every night before i got to sleep, I'm really getting tired of my mood swings, but what bothers me most is when I'm outside my house I'm perfectly fine a nice person all around i try helping others and such but at home i don't want to be bother but at the same time i do. I know this doesn't really make sense but writing this out getting it out of my mind is giving me a sense of ease i don't know whatever anyways I'm gonna try cutting back but from previous attempts i don't see much luck in the foreseeable future.

Posted: February 16, 2014, 4:13 AM
My dad is worse than all your husbands, and he has never touched weed, I wanted to try to get him to try it, but now i'm a little worried after reading your posts. Maybe it's different for every person? I thought weed was supposed to make you feel happy and chill? No?


Posted: April 3, 2014, 4:23 PM
People who keep asking OP if she has a "mood disorder" or some other condition are guilty of allowing their own pro-marijuana agendas to take precedence over someone's credible concern about an addiction. I personally smoke a few times a week, I'm all for legalization and whatnot, but that doesn't make me the sort of person to undermine someone's problems with the drug. Weed is not a perfect substance. One of the things it does with prolonged usage over time, is impairs your own natural production of dopamine. This can be restored after abstaining for a time, but if you're chronically smoking, your brain is in a state it wasn't born to exist within 24/7 and new neural pathways are being formed WHILE you are high. I too experience these feelings of anger during times of sobriety. They usually go away after a week or so but they are very distressing and it's hard to quit for more than 4 days, so I feel my life exists between two extremes of intense anger or intense highs. Everyone's physiology is different, and like any other drug, there is a comedown period, and your brain is in a 'sadder' or lower energy state than it was at the beginning of the high. For some people it seems, this lack of energy prompts them to anger. And it's absurd to pretend that it's all THEIR fault to avoid admitting that your own drug of choice has the capacity to affect others negatively. Stop being in denial otherwise you're just creating weed propaganda.

Posted: June 4, 2014, 8:44 AM
Hi Everyone,
Like some others here, I googled "does smoking marijuana make you short tempered?". Well, I am writing to let you know that I think it does. I am 44 and have been smoking for 32 years. I have abstained on occasion for up to 6 months and I was noticeably calmer, more sociable and had no paranoia. I have lost my laugh using marijuana and by nature, I love to laugh.
At the moment, I run a stressful small restaurant with a girl who I love who has recently come into my life. But as I write this she may be about to leave me. Her reason is my short temper, yelling and swearing. I have decided to quit and I think it will be set in stone if I write it here for you all to see.
In all of my relationships, I have always felt insecure, jealous and sometimes paranoid. I find it very difficult to make friends, but I am kind hearted and very much like people in general. Also my work hours have been long and antisocial for the past 26 years. Maybe I should change my job too. I will see about that. But for now I will quit the weed.
I read a lot of the posts here and I recognize others' problems as my own. And this is what has made me decide to quit. I really don't know who to talk to about it, I know many people but am close with very few of them. I am quite lonely. I am in fear of the time when I will lose my parents, because they are the only ones that I can talk to on a regular basis.
I always smoked natural outdoor stuff, not the strong stuff that they sell today. I thought that it was OK - even medicinal - for me to smoke regularly. But I also realize that I am a sensitive soul who probably shouldn't use it much or ever. Same goes with alcohol. I find it drains my personality and energy.
I hope that by writing this, I can inform others on the harms of regularly dulling your senses.
If you feel you would like to talk with me about it, you can email me at helpisathand70@gmail.com. Because talking about it will be both therapeutic for you and for me. All the best to you all.

Posted: June 8, 2014, 3:35 PM

I used to think I was cool… I used to think it felt good… Now it just seems to have my failing down a slippery abyss. I push away my gf. She really loves me and I know it. She wants to marry me and bear my children. I want to be a music artist. But I HAVE NO MOTIVATION! I don't even want to go to work most days and I love my job! I stopped smoking for about 3 months and everything was going great. My relationship was getting better, I was working out, I was making more music and more money. Then last month I started smoking again. I've spent the 1,000 that I had saved, I'm untrusting of my gf, I spazz out over dumb s***, Im emotional I cry a lot I don't like myself, I don't like my life. BUT the kicker is my life is great and I have no worries! Smoking weed makes me find something to b**** kick and scream about everyday. It makes me hate a life that I ultimately should be enjoying! I'm quitting today. capoyoung@gmail.com


Posted: June 18, 2014, 5:33 PM
First I'd like to thank the people who posted before me. I'm 31 years old and I've been smoking daily since 16. The first five Years or so everything was fine. Smoking weed was the social part of my life, everyday. I can't even tell you how that has changed to today. I feel alone. Most of the people I smoked with in my teens and early 20's don't smoke anymore. I've had three girlfriends along the way, all of which I still consider "marriage material." I pushed all three away with my anger and just overall emotional instability. I was lucky in my younger years to have a lot of friends. Recently (over the past five years or so) I pushed many of them away. Not on purpose. I love them tremendously. It doesn't matter though. Smoking weed every day has made me feel depressed inside, lonely, unwilling to develope a relationship with the intent of making a new friend. I feel like outside of work I haven't made a new friend in 10 years. I've only watched them slowly fad away. The anxiety is becoming unbearable. Walking into a bar by myself has become miserable. I used to thrive in that environment. I used to want to meet strangers and have randome conversations. Now I hope people don't start conversation at the bar, or airport, or anywhere. I've always been hiding under this 'idea' that smoking weed everyday has helped me. It's kept me calm or was a better alternative to pills or whatever. I would sell this nonsense to my family, girlfriends and obviously myself. It's been 15 years. If I keep smoking every day the rest of my life I'll have nobody left. Life is so good! Why do I feel so bad? It's time. Thanks for listening.
Run Mom

Posted: July 2, 2014, 3:34 PM
I totally agree with Poppy. Our daughter has been using almost every day now; she's sixteen and she is not who I've ever seen before. She's angry, dresses hard; unkempt hair; and now moving to spacers and wants tattoos. She was such an athlete and had so many good friends who no longer hang around her. Her new choice of friends are all pot heads; failing high school and into bad behaviour, especially late in the evenings. She's now in trouble with the law and I don't know how to get her back :( I too cry every night as well.

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Posted: July 2, 2014, 3:39 PM
When I never had weed I always got so angry at the littlest things if I dropped a penny I would be furious for no reason, or if I had it and wanted to smoke it but something was stopping me I would start getting irritated. I have seen my friend have such horrible arguments with his girlfriend because of weed but I know that's not him he is a nice guy, I think some people treat weed like cigs and the symptoms that come with it they won't associate it with the weed coz it's just a normal everyday thing when in fact it can be the weed creating the symptoms, now I'm not saying it is the same with everyone because let's face it some people are just horrible people but you sound like a nice guy and I have done similar things as you.

Just reding peoples posts really opens up my eyes. I thought I was keeping bad thoughts out of my head with weed I thought it was healing me, I have lost a girlfriend and pushed friends away and I'm 24 it amazes me how many people around my age are in the same sort of boat as me if we all unite and help each other I'm certain we can all find happiness at the end of our trail.

I wanna say thank you aswell because I feel being part of this community is really making me feel stronger

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Port St Loosey

Posted: July 6, 2014, 12:22 AM
its all in your minds ppl. you may be experiencing the slight acute withdrawal syndrome associated with smoking everyday. i can guarantee unless you have some rage issues, marijuana is not MAKING YOU MAD

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Posted: July 6, 2014, 12:36 AM
have you ever considered this is actual anger problems that your looking for something to blame on? i mean iv been clean off heroin since 2010, now THAT is a drug that changes you. talk about literally losing your soul, MJ is an herb, a psychoactive one at that, but its healing properties are scientifically documented, FOR THESE CASES! and especially for OCD and Bi polar/anxiety. now i know, I'm not ignorant, everyone is different, but I'm pretty sure their is an outside source bringing on the anger… Marijuana's acute withdrawal is nothing compared to opioids, or benzodiazapenes. in fact, back when i was using heroin, marijuana made me not want to be doing it! it made me realize, "holy crap, I'm a junky!" I'm sorry if some people think MJ is making you angry.. lol iv never heard that before, paranoia arises from other feelings, maybe the ganj will increase that paranoia in some people. but remember. set, cast, and setting. if your smoking with you people you like and care about, its a bonding thing, music is great, i personally play guitar and love to jam out with someone while toking a lil, now i don't do it everyday, cuz too much of anything is not good, but i have a responsible, fun time on the ganj, I'm sorry people are perceiving anger from this beautiful flower that basically represents peace :)

Posted: July 7, 2014, 1:12 PM
Hey all. My name is Michael. I just want to start with this message. Admitting this is extremely hard for me. I would have never thought i would be a marijuana addict. I am currently 25 years old and have been smoking consistently since i was 15. It is defiantly not something i am proud of.I never found something wrong with the drug. I never slacked with school or found really any reason to quit. Randomly i thought to myself if i can do all this while smoking weed what are the possibilities off? The problem is i depend on i. While i am at work of course i do the work i am intended to do, but WEED afterwards is always in the back of my mind. It has always relaxed me. I have noticed in the last 3 years i have become dependent of it. Movies, sports, everything to me is better high, but that is no an excuse. Today is day 1. I took my lunch break to write to you, because i want to get better and see what life has to offer to me. I hope someone can share some kind/encouraging words.
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