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Please Read This, And See

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Posted: January 22, 2022, 10:28 AM
i was trapped in methadone hell around ten years, after around 15 years of pills and heroin, witch ever i could get. oh, you know what i mean for sure. anyhow when i dropped out of the "program" i tried to return a week's worth of take homes to the tune of 70mgs a bottle and tell them i was done poisoning myself. they forced me to leave with it. no s***. thats when the mask slid and i saw the evil in what methadone clinics are doing. A NEW DEALER WHO PROVIDES A DAILY DOSE OF A DEATH BED MEDICATION IS NOT RECOVERY,BUT A WAY FOR BIG PHARMA TO PROFIT FROM TRICKING DESPERATE ADDICTS INTO SLOW SUICIDE. it cost me ten years of body breakdown from the poison and my quality of life. PLEASE dont let your loved ones fall for it as i did. spread the word even. we need to stop them.

Posted: May 1, 2023, 8:16 PM
Im just saying this because I am one who takes and will still take the only thing that got me out of the living hell of the neverending circle of addiction

Ive been on this medication for 10 going on 11 yrs.

In that time I watched my beautiful husband someone I had been with for 16 years.
I lost him to a horriable cancer at the age of 48
I stayed sober and true to my program
My husband was proud of me
I also have worked for the past 8 yrs at one job and now 1 yr at another.
I ONLY switch jobs because i had to move from the house and home i lived in for over 40 yrs,,,still held on

I am one who has never and will never try to get high on this.I treat this the SAME AS ANY OTHER MEDICATION.

I guess what Im trying to say that even though you dont agree and went to not a very good clinic
But I am living the life i have today from the help i get from my medication
and i know of at least 26 others who have done the same if not better,
So say what you feel but that doesnt make it wrong or right its simpley the way YOU feel

I wish you soberty and peace
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