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Tips On Staying Clean After Quitting Smoking Marij

Posted: January 15, 2019, 4:31 AM
My partner has in the last year gotten clean and stopped smoking marijuana after heavy use for the best part of 10 years.

The changes I have seen in him now off it are incredible. He is like a complete different person. He is doing great. However, he still spends time with friends he used to smoke with. They still smoke. He chooses not to participate anymore. But I feel that hanging around with these people still is not a good idea. I think he needs to realise that in order for him to remain clean and live a wonderful and fulfilling life, he needs to cut ties with these people and hang around with other mates that are motivated and positive role models for him. I think while he continues to hang around with people that drink and smoke, it will only be a matter of time before he gives Into temptation and relapses. Anyone have any tips for me or experience with this?

Posted: January 17, 2019, 12:30 PM
I personally agree that spending time with friends who continue to indulge in the behaviors that you are trying to quit can and will likely lead to relapse. I can speak from personal experience that it is hard enough to maintain abstinence WITHOUT being around said behavior. I am attempting sobriety again and I am already feeling the urges so familiar with trying to quit already. I know that certain friends that I have who partake will be very difficult to be around so I will likely not. I hope and pray that your friend can avoid relapse but be understanding that if he does it will hopefully be temporary or a one time. Keep talking to him. Keep asking questions. It shows you care even if it annoys him. Don't be judgmental in a condemning way but speak truth with love in cases of relapse. I have found it is crucial to set guidelines. I used to have cannabis in possession most of the time and it makes it much easier to use on a regular basis. I find myself without it now and know that I should not get more. If your friend uses with his friends at least encourage him to not get any of his own. Keep the substances away as much as possible, including alcohol. I don't really care for alcohol but it has been my go to when I don't have weed at times. If your friend does relapse I encourage conversation about the situation voicing your concern that he will go back to his old habits and ways. It has been said that cannabis is not addictive and it may be true that it does not carry the same withdrawal symptoms of other addictions but the psychological and emotional urges for those who like it a lot are real. I pray for you and your friend.
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