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Beating Synthetic Weed Addiction: Beginners Guide

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Posted: December 4, 2013, 7:27 PM
Synthetic warrior

I am on day 3 and to be honest I was blessed not to go thru the expected withdrawal symptoms. I was prepared but had none of the nausea (yet). My appetite is still down and I'm lucky to sleep a few hours a night but I can deal with those things. Please remember the amount of money wasted on this BS! The symptoms are NOTHING compared to the clarity of life.

I smoked for over 4 years and daily for at least the last 2 years. I'm so lucky the stuff didn't kill me. I knew I had to get off this stuff. My husband continues to be my rock and keeps building me up and telling me how proud he is and reminds me of the destructive path I was on. I have pictures ofmy kids/family to keep me strong too. My oldest daughter is pregnant with twins (my first grands) and I know I wanna be sober for them. They are due in April. That keeps me grounded. I think a good support system is very important.

I definitely have some depression but I got a prescription for anti depressants and started them before I quit so hopefully they will take the edge off. I have the mood swings but my husband expected that (from posts on this site) and he brushes them off.

My biggest fear is relapse especially because I haven't had the awful withdrawals. This scares me all day everyday. I have no craving for the stuff but I can't shake the fear. I'm gonna keep coming to this website because it REALLY helps. I'll continue to pray for us as we take this journey. Good luck and you are much stronger than you think

its me

Posted: December 11, 2013, 1:37 AM
Well I guess I give the posting stuff a try I'm on day 2 right now and considered going to the hospital mainly because I didn't know I was suffering from withdrawals. I.started out smoking weed until I started working and got random drug screens. I've been smoking the fake for roughly 5 years now and its just recently things got out of hand because I can afford for it to get out of hand now. I was smoking over 10gs a week for a little more the 10 months now. It got to point to were I would wake up in the middle of night and have to smoke to go back to sleep. I never realized I was addicted until now. I never gave myself the chance to be sober long enough to get the withdrawals. All I can do now is fight not to relapse and im looking forward to becoming that active energetic person I used to be

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Posted: December 12, 2013, 1:31 AM
I just found this site tonight and wished I would have found it much sooner. I graduated college in the 60's but never did weed, thought it was nasty. Later on I tried but it never worked. Fast forward to my 60's and I have back problem and taking pain killers. Knowing your not suppose to drink alcohol with pain killers I decided to try Marijuana. I did that for about three years until my work place started drug testing. I switched over to synthetics in 2008. I have been using this fake crap mostly all of 5 years, I did quit three times but went back two months after each time. The first time I went through HELL withdrawels symptoms. The next time is was so easy I told my wife, I can do this easy, quit any time I want. When I wanted to stop eight months ago I couldn't, it took me until now to do it again.
I am pleased to say I have made it through day three. I can share more with anyone who wants more info. I am a 68, retired, and have very supportive wife.

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Posted: December 14, 2013, 5:29 AM
Hi everyone. I'm a 28 year old aussie male and have just recently quit synthetics. I have been on and off (but mainly on) smoking the stuff for around 19 months now. Quit a few times but never for more than a few days. At one stage I passed the cold sweats and so on and felt amazing,but I caved in and went back to the smoke shop. Well anyway,the stuff I have been smoking the past few months is labelled "amsterdam columbian gold,cotton candy". I have spent 1000s of dollars on this junk. While working I was stopping it at night,then battling the withdrawals through each 8 -10 hour work shift as a fitter and turner. Needless to say it was a stupid and dangerous thing to be doing. But I'm at least acknowledging it now. I'm on day 3 without using. Have been tempted,but I have none. I smashed my smoking devices,and flushed every single trace of the stuff I had laying around. The air in my room is thick with the odour of it. It's quite disgusting. I've been living like a complete slob for over a year at least. Not just my room,but my car as well. Everything is a mess. At the moment I am in too poor a state to address that,but the time will come. I've had so many ups and downs for these 3 days but to be honest for some reason I'm not tempted at all. I'm more than willing to sit through this hell until it blows over. My main concern has been the hot/cold sweats. I have been sweating profusely. My palms are permanently wet. And I formerly did a lot of fishing,mountain/rock/ice climbing and all sorts of things,despite my then 60kg frame. I'm now hovering around 50. My face is gaunt,my legs have lost so much muscle tissue that I cannot walk properly unless I wear a pair of my north face ice boots for support. I get the odd cramp or gurgle coming from my stomach every so often,sometimes a light headache and a bit of nausea. I'm past the terrible diarrhea now. Eating what I can. Today I've consumed 4 or 5 puree baby food squeeze packs,2 bananas,a few small tins of tuna in brine,a few pieces of cheese,some watermelon slices,a lot of fluids,gastrolyte,sustagen etc. I'm on a very light dose of Temazepam which I know can be a nasty medication,so I wont take it much more than another day or two. (Started dosage 2 days ago) At the moment everything is bothering me. I've had many a rage outburst,then cooled off,only to go off my top again. To keep myself occupied I have been watching plenty of movies and mountain climbing docos and so forth. I've virtually shut myself off from the outside world for a while. Lost a few friends in the process,but also lost a few that I need to lose if you know what I mean. I could so very easily just lay in bed and give up on myself,but I don't want to die there is no way I could put my family through that. I have too much to live for. It's sad looking in the mirror at a young man who was once happy as larry and employed. I was made redundant a month ago and of course that set the ball rolling for the smoking to really fire up. All gone now. It's great to see others tackling this horrible beast. This is by far the most difficult challenge I have faced. And I have scaled some nasty faces in my time. I hope to share the recovery experience with you all and I'm so wrapped that I found this forum. Cheers.

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Johnny gas well

Posted: January 1, 2014, 10:05 PM
Hi my names john from pa startin synthetic as a substitute for weed when out of college
I guess the availability of synthetics gave me a false sense that they must be safe I've literally told cops I got a receipt ain't nothing illegal about it

But do not mistake it's availability as a safe legal alternative to marry jane

There is nothing safe about synthetic weed people have allergic reactions to the chemicals in the s*** , I'm not personally allergic to any that I've smoked yet but I've seen people take one hit and go directly to hospital via ambulance

I just found this site today first of 14' because my resolution Is to quit smoking synthetic which I've tried with no luck to this point

Never did any real drugs to withdraw from but fake or synthetic withdraws are worse than withdraw from opiates from what people say

Need help / advice please anyone

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Posted: January 6, 2014, 2:48 PM
I have been using synthetic for 2 years now smoking almost every day and at first I could make a gram last a week but now I go through 3 grams every day . the hardest part for me is that my girlfriend is a heroine addict and shes trying to quit and she feels like the synth helps with heroine withdrawals. So even when I try and quit I use her as an excuse to go get more because I feel I'm helping her out and its just a vicious cycle. I'm at the end of my road and I want a better life for us both and our child. Anyone who feels they can relate or give me some advice on how to deal with this situation please I need your help. I don't want one of our lives to end too early my son deserves both of his parents in his life. Thank you hope to hear back from somebody.

Posted: January 7, 2014, 12:26 PM
I wish I would have never discovered this junk. It's no good! Been smoking Bizarro and I'm always sick & broke. Suffering from bronchitis & attempting day 1. I actually feel better & am eager to get this monkey off my back. Started reading my Big Book and ready to be sober.

I'm scared to death about the damage and the withdrawal process! Pray for me!
The wife

Posted: January 7, 2014, 10:53 PM
My husband is on day 2, well does it count if he still smoked a little today? I guess not , right? Well anyhow, I've found this site very helpful in learning how to understand him n what n why he's been NOT HIMSELF for the past few months! I just want my old husband back and I will do anything to help him get over this, I hate that glazed looked in his eyes after eyes gotten high, I hate the smell, and I HATE HOW IT HAS BECOME HIS EVERYTHING!!! I know he loves us but there's just an emotional detachment, he's decided to quit, day 1 was mixed with crying, screaming, him punching himself, and just complete frustration, day 2 well he he smoked nothing close to anything he was doing on a daily bases, he's been knocked out on sleeping aid medicine the vomiting has started, he's talking in his sleep as if he's really having conversations with people! He picked up a phone (it was nothing) and said hello? And was as if somebody was really answering him in his head! Crazy stuff! As he lays here asleep I can't help but examin his body and just witness how demon of a drug has sucked the life out of him!

What can I expect tomorrow????

Posted: January 9, 2014, 3:33 PM
Im on day 4 also. its Jan9th at 1:30pm. And this page hit the nail on the head. I removed myself frm the area where private dealers and stores are selling and I feel fukin amazing ('scuse my cajun lingo). Im happy. kinda have alittle apetite. the depression and mood swings wede alotto hamdle. but thank the Devil I had the love a clean sober woman to help me. Thanks for these posts. f*** all this synth s***. its for the birds. bak to wat i love to do. cook, and play music and a few beers to relax in the evenimg as apposed to smoking all day and all night and not feeling "myself" if I didnt. Death to all who package this ahit thats killng us and our nations youth. they should be ashamed to even collect the 100s of thousands of dollars they make to screw our brains up. thank you guys and heres to a cleaner life! Cheers *pops the top of a Miller Lite****

Posted: January 10, 2014, 8:52 PM
Are there any currently active message boards like this one?

Posted: January 10, 2014, 8:57 PM
Apologies... I found the scroll bar.

I had no idea that there is a whole world of people out there feeling this way. I thought what kind of idiot gets addicted to something that you can buy over the counter that is "legal"? Reading through everything here is a very strange feeling. It's a bit disheartening to come to terms with the fact that you're an actual addict. I thought getting sick when I ran out was just a coincidence but I didn't stop and I almost lost my life. I spent two weeks in the hospital with kidneys that were about to fail and when I came out of the hospital I was pretty much back to normal and I made the choice to leave it alone...and for a long time I did, but then they came out with something new that didn't seem as harmful... and I'm afraid of being in that boat again. Actually... I guess I need to be honest and say, I am in that boat again. This is hard... I just had no idea others were addicted to this to this degree.
tonu jones

Posted: January 15, 2014, 12:42 AM
Mandy im on day 2 and trust me it will get better, im going through the withdrawals right now and it is hard but you have to be strong. i forced myself to go run today and was sweating like i have never before but after that i felt a little better but then BAM! the withdrawal kicked in and i was vomiting all over the place, the hot/cold flashes are still there but they have gotten better. i am thinking about actually starting a petition so that the government actually bans this for good because this stuff is readily available everywhere which is pretty surprising because of the damage it is doing to everyone. hang in there people and lets defeat this DEVIL once and for all.

Posted: January 23, 2014, 2:30 PM
I have been smoking a lot of synthetic lately. As soon as it wears off I light up again. It's becoming my whole life. I can't even met a new person without wanting to light up and I end up do. Even at work I come up with excuses like, I have a very important phone call to make and I go light up. Every single chance I get I light up. Even when I get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom I freaking light up... My kids even found my pipe and asked what it was. I want to quit but I can't stop. As soon as I try to stop I get a horrible headache and I feel nauseous and that's only after like 6 hours. I spend all my money on it. I'm to the smoke shop at least once a day, sometimes twice. I'm smoking about 8-12 grams a day. Not to be nasty or nothing but I'm even having sex with chicks who has their hands in the synthetic world just to get free smoke. I'm not complaining on that part at all but I'm doing it for the smoke. And that's what become important to me. Can anybody please offer me some advice on how to just stop. And it seems like every time I actually say this is it and finish smoking what I got, somebody brings me 10 grams for free and tells me to try it. I know I'm an addict, I know this... I have been addicted to almost everything and have knocked all that but I guess I have turned to this and now there is nowhere to turn to... People told me to start drinking but I can't because I kicked a case a day beer habit that overcame my life. I can't smoke weed cause of urine screens. Can't do pills cause I kicked that thank god... I know it seems like I'm just replacing and I guess I am but I need off this stuff. I love it, I actually love egetting high but it taking over everything. I don't know what to do. I would go to detox but I would lose my job. I can't even get away from it...Everybody at work does it and does it all day, all my friends do it, my brother, my chicks so it, my neighbor, the people I car pool with... Please help me with a solution to just be able to stop and stay off, fight the headaches and neausea, keep my mind off of it, stay away and whatever else anybody can help me with... And did I mention its everywhere??? I even went to fix my curtains because they were crooked and I found 3 bags of smoke with about 15 grams in them that I forgot about... It's everywhere.... Thank you for reading and hopefully understanding and most importantly your advice and help. If you want you can even email me because I'm unsure if I will even be able to access this site again. nickroux32@gmail.comĀ  PLEASE HELP ME!!! AND PLEASE HELP SOON!!!

Posted: January 26, 2014, 7:54 AM
I just had to stop in and give my story, I'm a 16 yr. Old male from Florida, I've been smoking "weed" for a while now and never really liked "legal". I would smoke weed all day everyday to escape my problems, until recently one of fake smoking friends started coming over everyday while he was smoking the fake like I smoked real. After a couple days I got use to the high and started liking it, about a week later I didn't wanna stop. Now here I am about a month later and I smoke every 15-30 minutes all day everyday. I go to sleep at night just to wake up an hour later and smoke, it seems like all my life consists of now is smoking legal, I just wanna be high on life again.

Posted: January 29, 2014, 5:25 AM
My boyfriend directed me to this site a few hours ago. Im typing on my phone so bear with me.... I have been using for 5 years straight. 2009 I stared smoking this stuff called Deep Space and I loved out it basicaly just passed me out... I have ptsd and im bipolar. Weed was great but it was so nice to finally find something pretty much like ether.....couple of hits and im gooooone........ well three days ago I lost my business. I ran an extremely succesful grooming business with a five star rating with over one hundred reviews.....but I didnt acknowledge the fact that it was because I had employees and family to help me..... but they all eventually became fed up with me being unreliable and kind of a b**** that they all left.... after i became too overwhelmed on my own...I literally laid in bed and smoked for two weeks and just ignoring my shop. Im on day two.... im so heartbroken and mad at myself. 5 effing years down the drain...21 to 26.... I've lost so many friends and ive alienated my whole family. They want to help but this is totally out of their jurisdiction. ....they dont know what to do and theyre extremely negative.... my boyfriend has stepped in and is just trying to keep me in a positivy bubble for the next few days and hes been bombarding me with links to help....
Ive qualified for a psychiatric support dog, so hopefully once I get her ill be able to cope a little better. Got my first therapy appointment tomorrow...

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Posted: January 29, 2014, 9:49 PM
I am also trapped in the synthetic weed trap,,,I want desperately to be free from this devils bondage...It seems only those who have walked in my shoes know the true helpless feeling of not being able to "just quit".I tell them its not that simple but they are clueless to the type of hold that this stuff has on me...I have told myself a million times that I quit,yet a million times I've lied...I hope that I will be able to find the support,motivation and encouragement on this site as I prepare to end this habit once and for all.I welcome any helpful advice from those who have been successful....

Posted: February 3, 2014, 12:28 AM
First day without the garbage. I'm smoking weed to take off the edge and I've been looking at treatment websites. I've lost motivation to do much and I keep thinking about going to get more this synthetic garbage. I'm also thinking to hang out so I can meet new partiers, because most of my true are just into hot and Molly and other traditional drugs that we all use to enjoy.

Life totally sucks. The goals that I had last year seem like a century ago. Years clean and sober seem like another life. Family and most friends gone except for hardcore stoners and fellow drug addicts.

I still have my house and belongs for now, but I imagine they will go to and all of my savings if I don't stop this stuff. I'm no longer into the god trip, which used to be such a big part of my life , so I'm going to have to find an alternative the 12 steps cuz I won't go back around those tables.

I'm a hot mess and just motivated enough to scout these boards and try to find a reason why I should save my stuff and myself from this Prison that the synthetic product has become. I've been a functional addict longer than many of you 20 somethings have been alive. Maintain home and family and did not end up in financial disaster, but managed both a comfortable life and career and a and controlled addiction until I met these synthetic products. Now I all I want to do is sit there in the zone and feel nothing, be nothing. The buzz, the junkie, wateoid

Posted: February 3, 2014, 6:01 AM
It's just after 3 AM. It's been a little over 24 hours since my friend and his girlfriend took away my packages of Synthetics and brought me supplies for my cold turkey withdrawals. God, I want to go to the f**king store and buy more even though I just lost the money on the previous ones that Bry through out for me. I shoukl be asleep. I've got work in the morning.

I've akready broken my "rules" about pot. In dealing with getting off the synthetics, I've gotten really,really hgigh on marikuana longer and later than Z usually would with work in the mornign
I can barely see the screen clearly even with my glasses on.

I'm thankful that the little head shop where I get this crap is closed. Feeling wired and very shaky.
I cleaned out my pipes and chillums thourghly with that popular blue liquid and crystal pipe cleaner so I;n assuming that my extreme stoned feeling is from the amount of high quality bud that I smoled today unless ,some of the synthetic somee how spilled into the natural. Really WASTED on Natural as far as I know, but still feeling the damn vravings for the other Stuff (synthetic) and stomigh problems, etc. that people have talked about early in this thread.'

I want to BEAT this and just go back to my weed and occasional psychedelics. I know, like evwery addict I know, I want what I want when I want it ands how I want it. Hradache fairly severe. very brry blurred vision/. hard to type whch is strange for me conssiderong what I dofor a lviing. Cotton mouth, the runs (earlier) with bleeding, dizzyness beyonf ehat's noprmal with a natural pot high.

Note - This is after a RELAPSE rather than constant use over years. This is not as bad as thelast time I dealt with this, but that was in a hospital detox setting. This, on the other hand, is in my living room. I've ridden many ponies over the years but this is the worst.

I tied all of the substances thought to be amonhg the most difficultfrom which to recover, "Tina" (Crystal Meth), Crack and Coke and was able to stop themall., None has a grip like this s***. Nothing.

I dont know if the addiction is psychological, physological or both. We -- those of ud crazy enough or, for newbies, naive enough to use this stuff -- just don't know enough about these chemicals thaat keep changing ever so slightly to get around the laws OR are seriously mislabeld. And even the now banned chemicals are new so even if we knoiw what we're actully smoking, there's not a lot of data...

I watched a BBC documentary in which a professor from one of the UK universities was saying that while he;'d rather all of us be clean anf sober, he'd much rather someone take real MDMA or LSD to these new chemicals, because at least the known illegal drugs have a great deal of study and they knw, generally, what to expect and how to deal with it, what the long term effects night be,

This is a nightmsare and my personality seems to have changed rapidly. I want ME back. This addiction has cost me too much already inn terms of money, lost friendsiips,wastedtime and I n still crave it. This is hell, this is insanity.

Going to try to sleep a bit.

Posted: February 3, 2014, 10:16 AM
Update: Feel like a truck ran over me. Vomiting, diarrhea, headache every time I move my head. Awful and I want to go "cure" it by getting more, but I am determined not to go when the store opens. I wish Bry had not grabbed all of the stuff and pitched it. Not that I could be trusted to keep it, but I wish I knew what the f*** it is that I've been smoking! Would love to be able to take it for anayalisis.

I cancelled my afternoon meeting with excuses about either food poisioning or stomich flu and I called my butler / houseman and told him the same thing. No need for them to see me going through these horrible withdrals, especially the Director of Marketing.

There won't be employment for these people and others, there won't be a company if I don't get a handle on this. Maybe it's time for a "vacation" somehwere while I deal with this, but everywhere near here is traditional social-support, 12 step model based or outpatient so I''ve ruled those out.

I don't know what the hell to do at this point except make it through today and not go buy more. If I need glassware or metalware, I'll go to the much more expensive head shop that refused ever to sell this stuff saying from the beginning, "It isn't natural and we think it's probably not safe."

Help, advice, something?

Posted: February 8, 2014, 10:23 PM
I had been smoking Kush for more than two years every day. Glad to find this site. Just reached day three, still screwed up on eating, stomach hurts. Went to ER with symptoms and had to have an IV for dehydration. What other things can be done to overcome?
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