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Slow Suboxone Taper (&7 Months Pregnant)

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Posted: August 11, 2017, 3:31 PM
I had begun tapering a few weeks after starting sub maintence which i started a year ago.I have since then gotten into college and got a job, got my life back! I was on less than 1mg a day when i found out i was pregnant (5 months ago and i am now 7 months pregnant), and decided when my dr said it was the best time to taper i would(2nd trimester). For my circumstances it was the best thing to do, if i didnt need to be on it then why be on it. i was on such a low dose, no other medical issues and no chance of relapse. I have been dedicating to being drug free and have been slowly working towards the day, and now I am there!

I am free of drugs and those handcuffs are off!! I just want others to know it is possible, very SLOWLY. Everyone is different, everyones circumstance is different so it varies, but it is possible if it is truly what you want. I dealt with minor WD's like body aches and very mild RLS throughout the taper and i made sure it didn't get worse than that while pregnant. Now that i am clean and the physical symptoms have subsided i deal with mild depression/no motivation and am very tired most days as i am only 14 days sub free, but i keep telling myself this will pass too, and before i know it i will have my baby girl in my arms and we can both be drug free. (i do NOT judge anyone who chooses to stay on suboxone again this is what i wanted and felt was right for my situation, i was under dr supervision also, although we only know what is best for us and what works for ourselves and noone else can tell us differently.)

The one thing i am wondering and i cant seem to find any research or information is is there still a chance of NAS? I am about 7 months, so i still have 2-2.5 months left till my due date. I have a feeling everything is going to be ok im just curious. It seems there is much info on woman being on suboxone while pregnant but nothing on woman who have tapered off completely months before delivery. Any info is appreciated.

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