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Husband Detoxing...has Early Dementia

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Posted: June 20, 2018, 9:03 AM
Hi. I am trying to help my husband detox from Suboxone that he has been on since 2006! This was after years of opiotes, back injections, back surgeries, fentanyl patches (these patches almost killed him because he had a SA.
I have tapered him down from 4 mg. to 1/4 mg and now we are starting day 4 of total withdrawal. Problem is he has cognitive issues and they have progessively gotten worse. He has a medical marijuana card and has been using a vape pen. This seems to help him relax, but I dont think it has been good for the dementia. He also takes CBD oil for pain and occasional ibupofen.
At this stage of the game, I am wondering whether he would be better off back ON suboxone! He is 69 years old. Right now he is absolutely miserable and I am no nurse, so not sure if I am doing the right things for him.
Thought about a rehab center but his experience in one in 2006 is what started the suboxone and it seems they just substituted one drug for another.
His doctor feels that he should some off Suboxone due to some liver/kidney issues.
Please advise.
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