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Coming Off Methadone

Posted: March 27, 2015, 7:47 AM
Ya thanks bud, there might be millions of people in na or aa but there millions more that don't need to listen to sad sack stories from other pitty party people who are never gunna quit the cycle. And aa/na is part of the cycle, sitting around week after week talking about using, crying, sharing and them praying to a mythical man that NO ONE ON the FACE of the earth has ever met.
I tried na geuss what happens to me? I gt made fun of and laughed at and told to come back when I'm 50 and all my kids have left?? Are you serious!?!? That higher power your groups believe in IS ALEADY in you. In order to get sober you have to use that inner strength and power yourself!! Not give into telling stories so that everyone around you says "oh you poor man thanks for sharing" then you momentarily feel good cause you think someone noticed you. So now your basing your so sobriety on the fact that "someone finally noticed my pain" not that you finally noticed and decided to mark action, but because someone else pushed you to. When you are hooked on opiate, na WILl not get you sober. Only you will get you sober. Don't be week and rely on others laments . The strength is in YOU!!! Not in a group in some house or church, not in some hospital bed. The strength is in YOU. Everyman is created equally. If I can do with out Dr or the stupidist thing in the work "'methadone taper" ( we all know they don't taper, they make 1-25$ everytime we drink...sounds like drug dealers that got you hooked) they don't want to help you. They want your money, making it easier to work at a job so that you can pay taxes.
DO NOT BELIEVE THE LIES YOU ATE TELLING YOURSELF IN YOUR HEAD..."I'm too addicted" "no on can help me" "I'm the only one" "it will never stop" "just a little bit more"
Spit on those words and hold you hand high.
I haven't had a dose in 4 days. I'm still waiting for these so called with drawls. I think I beat them like manny's gunna beat mayweather on May 9
Xt robaxacet + 2mg ativan + magnesium and potasium vits + Gatorade (because the electrolytes in Gatorade will make you body consume the magnesium and potassium therefore cutting out restless legs, tight twisting muscle, and lower back magnesium helps sleep.

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Posted: March 28, 2015, 10:07 PM

Wow aren't you just a big bundle of huff and puff. AA and NA have been working at keeping alcoholics and addicts clean and sober longer than you've been on the planet I'll wager, but if that is what helps folks get and stay clean and sober then it is what it is and I'll bet they thank their lucky stars AA or NA was there for them when maybe no one else was.

Not everything works the same for everyone so each person has to find what works for them and what makes them happy and able to stay on a good path. I'm sorry you don't like AA or NA, that's OK, and hopefully you found whatever it is that will help you get and stay clean and sober.

My mom, who drank for many, many years went through one, 28 day program. (after blacking out and crossing across 4 lanes of traffic un hit and unhurt) She survived 2 different types of cancer, breast and colon. She stayed sober and happy for 13 years before dying from another unrelated illness. We were so proud of her. She's been gone 22 years now and we still talk about her courage and determination. Until she died she thanked AA for finally helping her to quit drinking .




Posted: April 3, 2015, 12:38 PM
Hi Traci, apologies for late reply, if you still need your question answered, I hope this finds you. I to struggle with the whole God stuff & believe I suffered with addiction due to past traumas, I think when you are stuck deep within your addiction it's impossible to believe some mighty power will pull you from it & I personally think this is ok.
What worked for me was a 5 month stay in a residential rehab facility based around re-learning who I was, what mattered to me & therapy. Its the internal stuff that needed to be fixed than you can work on the external things.
11 months clean, my life feels far from ' Normal' but, I manage & things will get easier. Hope this helps.

Posted: April 8, 2015, 7:57 PM
I geuss some of you didn't like what I said about aa/na . I'm glad you people find help there. I didn't I was laughed at and treated like I was just a kid getting high. When I opend up and shared I was told "we've wiped more dope of a mirror than you've ever put up your nose." So ya F NA. Sorry if ya'll don't like but it was a horrible thing. Led to a suicide attempt and finally into such depth of addiction that I had to turn to that poison called methadone and that Dr that didn't give crap about my needs. "Oh your depressed? I'll ip your dose." "Oh your having the sweats? I'll up your dose." He started me at 40ml and by the next month it was all the way to 125ml. Methadone destroyed my body worse than any other drug I ever jammed snorted or ate. I was a Lithographic Printing press operator. And I was one of the youngest guys in my city to ever make it to that job. But how do you work 12hr night shifts 6 days a week and have to stay up all day on Wednesday and Saturday cause the doc wants my urine sample, then sit there for hours sometimes waiting for your turn to just wave at the doc see he can see your face. Then sit around and wait for your carries. Methadone clinics should push detox facilities not more dope.
When I got downs to 75ml cause he would only drop me 5ml's a month.
That dr told me no one can just stop taking methadone. It's impossible and if you do, you WILL fail. That's a dr talking to me. I quit cold turkey. No benzo's. No tranq's. Nothing but Epsom salt soaks. Look at my earlier posts. I did it. I'm jogging, weight training, boxing and my wife is very pleased as well. ;)
I understand everyone has their own story, their own pain and reasons for addiction. It's very unfortunate. I can say this because I'm stronger than I was on dope, but; I was sexual abused as a child, and beaten for trying to resist. Kicked to the curb at 15. I messed up and ended up in jail, mouthed off waiting for my methadone dose, and was tied to a bunk bed by my arm with bed sheets and kicked and beaten and stabbed.
I had reasons for my drug addiction. I had no hope no nothing. Methadone told me I would be able to be a normal person and be able to function and think more clearer. It's all lies. 100%. The only way is detoxing yourself. Please don't go on methadone. If you do be very careful to not let your dr up your dose like mine did. Kickin the done is Hard. 100% harder than the oxy and H (my 5yr struggle) BUT it's possible. I did it. Today was my first time going back to that methadone clinic to show the dr how wrong he was. He wouldn't even see me. Like he was mad that he lost a customer. Don't kid yourself, they are drug dealers. And they are pushing the worst drug on the face of the planet.
"This too shall pass" is all I kept telling myself. Endure the pain, the withdrWls and in the end, you will be stronger than EVER before.
I'm sorry for offending ppl but sometimes you just gota do what you gota do. Methadone is poison. 2 yr on that s***e. Finally I have a future. Because I quit believing the lie that methadone is.

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Posted: April 9, 2015, 11:03 AM

Don't apologize!
Your entitled to how you feel. I was going to go to NA meetings but my b/f says he's been to bad ones himself (junkies nodding off, ppl who keep bringing up god,lots of comparing war stories like ppl are proud to be junkies, etc) so I am going to try SMART recovery groups soon. (I'm on day 10 of MY detox.)

Good job on proving the methadone doctor wrong as well.

We need to show the clinics it CAN BE DONE (especially by NOT relapsing and going back!!! HELL NO!!!!)😈😈😈

Take care.


Posted: April 15, 2015, 10:09 AM
Just started my fast reduction as was sick of slow reduction councillor tried to keep me on(don't know why). I got to 28 ml from 100 ml over 8 years now I've been dropping 1ml day and I'm at 13ml. Only had mild chills and restless legs so far so I'm gonna keep going then use street diazepam on last ml( have to use street ones as my uk doc won't prescribe bummer and not good help at all! Oh well good luck everyone, gonna keep coming here seems like better support to NHS!

Posted: April 18, 2015, 9:30 PM
I live in a small town in Eastern KY. Around the the early 2000's Oxycotin became a huge drug around here. Here they are no heroin, cocaine, and things like that. Here it's prescription pills. My dad got sick in the early 2000's and his VA (Veteran's Affairs) doctor prescribed him Oxycotin 80's. My dad got to the point were he needed around the clock care. They gave him 120 OC 80's and 240 Percocet 5's a month. Way too much medication. One day I got hurt at work and took one of his perc's and the next thing I know I'm doing Oxycotin 80's. I would use them for the buzz but mainly the energy to stay up at night with him while my mom got some rest. I wanted to come off them but I was hooked. When he passed away in 2010 that hurt me, Just 1 OC 80 would cost u $120 on the street. I couldn't afford it but could afford $10 Methadone. I was told that will bring you off the Oxy. It did get me through the Oxy but now for the past 4 years I been trying to get off Methadone. On the street here one will cost you $16. I can't afford that everyday just to keep away the major detox. I get diarrhea, muscle aches and pain, I have no energy at all, and the worst part is not being able to sleep from the tossing and turning. Its' been 7 days and it doesn't get better. We don't have any methadone clinics here but a hour away is Suboxone clinics. I've tried it and it didn't seem to help that much. I just wish they were a way to beat it before it beats me.

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Posted: April 20, 2015, 7:19 PM

It amazes me that there seem to be so many horrible methadone clinics out there. I guess I am lucky in that the times I needed one I found support from the entire staff from the front office people to the counselors to the doctors, and..... if there was an employee, and I remember a couple, who caused unnecessary problems for the patients they usually weren't there the next time I came to dose.

Because I work so closely with the patients at our clinic I found that when problems continually did arise for a patient it is usually the patient who ultimately creates them. I don't know how many times I have gone to bat for a patient, at THEIR request, only to find out they conveniently left out major parts of the problem in the story.
For instance, one patient told me she had asked for take homes many times and the staff told her that she "would never, ever, in a million years qualify to get take homes." She had a fulltime job, kids and had a year plus at the clinic. So, I asked her if she'd like me to speak to the manager on her behalf and she was like "OK great!"
I make an appt and I go to the manager to plead her case (I am a clinic patient and a member of their advisory/advocate group) and I as soon as I say her name the manager says, " is about her not getting take homes?" And I say, yes, but why not, she's working, blah, blah, blah, and why can't she start the process? The manager looks at me and says, "did she tell you she hasn't had a clean U/A since she started the clinic?" Wow was my face red!! Its no wonder she couldn't get take homes!

But do you see my point?

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Posted: May 13, 2015, 1:27 PM
My name is Alisa I have been on methadone for five years for to my situation my clinic did not want me to come down. I was on 220 mg for over 3 of them I started taking myself down with my take homes I got 6 a week I stopped going to the clinic 6 weeks ago and am down to the last 10 mg a day I bought elimidrol but it is too gross to drink. These last 10 mg seem harder then getting down to 10 mg

Posted: June 3, 2015, 8:52 AM
Here's my story. I was addicted to oxys then heroine for about 3years. 3 years ago July 20 is the last time I've used anything besides methadone. I've tried getting clean many times with rehab but nothing ever worked for me besides methadone. The day I started methadone was the last day I ever used. I only allowed myself to be on 50mg because I knew the more I was on the longer it would take to get off. I started tapering at 2mg per week until about 26mg then 1MG a week until about 12mg now I am currently doing 1mg everyother week. I'm on 5mg an debating if I should go all the way to 0 like this or call it quits
? I feel ok for the most parts but I have noticed a big decrease in my energy level an sometimes with I had the boost I use to but I know this to shall pass? Does anyone take nutridone an does this seem to help? Also I dont smoke week or take any other prescribed medications. I am very thankful for methadone I live an amazing life now Without it I don't know if I'd be alive today! I believe methadone works if you want it to, an do what ur suppose to do! I am so very thankful today! Good luck to anyone reading you can do it!

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Posted: June 8, 2015, 5:05 PM
Losing the energy seems to be a big deterrent for stopping methadone and lots of people have talked about that aspect of it. From what I know it takes a long time to get yourself back to normal.
Congrats on not using! I am glad you found methadone helped you get where you want to be .Life can be great after addiction. Following clinic rules is the only way to get there. CONGRATS!

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Meth head

Posted: June 9, 2015, 9:31 PM
Iv been on methadone for 21 years now im down to 162 mil im really proud of myself as i was on 200 before im NEVER coming off though .... 50 mil is enough to keep me glowing

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Posted: June 9, 2015, 11:05 PM
Hey bigTman, I'm a big believer in whatever works is the right thing to do. An yep what works for one won't work for another. I'm the same I can't taper and got so sick of arguing at the clinic whenever I wanted to reduce. And you should seen how hard they fought me when I said I was gonna just white knuckle it cold turkey. We ended up having to agree to disagree. I did compromise though and dropped 10ml a day from 90 to 30 then jumped and in 10 days I was sorted. I'm not going to say I would run to do it again but it wasn't anywhere near as hard as thought it would be. I stayed off for a year and ended up back on it and here I am. I'm 9 days after jumping off 140 cold with no taper. It's tougher than last time but I'm nearly home (almost) If surrendering to your addiction and giving up control helps you beat it then hell yeah go for it, but I personally would have quit before I started if I didn't keep saying to myself that I'm gonna smash this and I'm stronger than any pain or weakness or sweating or anything else. IM DRIVING THE CAR! don't get me wrong there have been times over the last 10 days when I have been desperate and begging for mercy but nothing that comes remotely close to making me go back to the doc With my tail between my legs. I have to know that I'm running the show. It's good to read your struggles and be able to relate. good luck man and yeah bummer about the pac man I so wanted him to beat mayweathers a**

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Posted: June 9, 2015, 11:18 PM
Oh and I reckon for a lot of people tapering helps make you believe mentally that you can do it. Like its gonna be much easier to jump of a low dose than higher one. I can do it. one reason tapering slowly never worked for me was that it just dragged on and I don't want to be feeling withdrawals, even mild ones for that period of time. If I'm gonna take it, I'm gonna take enough to feel good but if I'm going to stop I'm not gonna suffer for a year, I'm gonna make it as short as possible. I mean, Im strong but I can only take these feelings for so long before I start to question whether it's really worth it, and once I start thinking like that, it's over

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Posted: June 21, 2015, 9:33 AM
i have been on methadone for 13 yrs... the reason i am getting off is because i simply cant afford it anymore...my insurance doesnt cover it.... i have weined myself down about as far as i can go and am now going through the hell... have some stashed away but very hard for me to get past day 3 because of the physical nature of my job etc... i dont even know how i am still working in this condition.... the absolute worst thinng for me is the restless legs when im trying to sleap... any suggestions for that? should i go to doctor and ask for zanex or something to help me through?

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Posted: June 21, 2015, 9:42 AM
I didn't have to work through my cold turkey but desperately needed sleep after awhile. I'm no expert but a lot of detox places apparently give people benzodiazepines to help with sleep. And I ended up getting a couple of days worth just to get some rest. I didn't sleep for long but a damn sight better than nothing. I took two instead of one and still only got 3hrs in. The only thing I was worried about was becoming hooked on them instead. But my opinion is that you need to sleep, so yeah, I reckon talk to your doctor.

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Posted: July 1, 2015, 4:05 PM
I'm on day 3w of no methadone 3_4 years of the ten milligram pills maybe two to four a day. Its a chore keeping hydrated and to eat. Tomorrow I return to work. Its helps alot reading these stories thax abunch

Posted: July 12, 2015, 10:52 AM
Good day people, my name is Cory and the first time I ever did any drug was with my mom at 12 years old. It was a speed ball in a rig with coke and heroin. I've detoxes so much in my life it's almost normal. I am 32 years old today with a wife 3 step kids, and my wife and I share a daughter witch would make four. We have been together for over 10 years.
I've always held a full time job since I met my wife but this time is different it's been since October 16 2013 since I have used any kind of hard drug!! But I went directly in to an out patient methadone clinic got all the way up to 105 and now I walked away I dropped 5 milagrams every 5-7 days and now I'm at around 5 and yes it was hard but I'm wondering when I stop altogether how hard it's going to be I've always maid myself well in the past. Obviously that's not an option this time to keep my clean date any body know what it's like to drop that fast and still work

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Posted: July 12, 2015, 5:46 PM
Dear guest I myself am on 5 mg per day and I tapered pretty fast. I depend on God for everything but also talking to people on this site helps. I would say get into an excersize routine and that should help as well.

Posted: July 18, 2015, 8:50 PM
Honestly, the longer you stay on an opiate replacement, the better.
The first time I came off, was after 3-4 yrs. Within weeks, relapsed. Second time, same thing. Each time, tapering was done, but aches and restlessness persisted for 2-3 weeks later.

I'd begun abusing medications for pain as a result of spine damage. Several years ago, I switched back to ocycontin. Then back to methadone.

I've begun coming down again, from 90-20 over 6 months. I'm hoping a low dose will work for pain, and wish you the best of luck. If you slip, look at it positively. Smokers often need several attempts to finally kick the habit. Also, positive lifestyle changes increase success rate.
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