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2 Years

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Posted: January 31, 2022, 5:42 PM
I made it to my two year mark. No smokes ! Its been helacious two years. Ridiculous s*** happening COVID, My brothers suicide, My mom having life threatening sickness. I mean >. God hell Icoudln't have picked a worse time and I wanted to smoke many many times. I just didn't. I have reached out to God. Made my program bigger. It was by Gods grace and I hope I hang on to it this time. Just wanted to check in. I didn't do it on the exact date but close enough

My success story

Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy.
Human beings have the awesome ability
to take any experience of their lives
and create a meaning that disempowers them
or one that can literally save their lives.

- Anthony Robbins

Sometimes I lay awake at night and wonder where I've gone wrong. Then a little voice inside my head says,
"This is going to take more than one night."

"Ring the bells that still can ring.
Forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack in everything.
That's how the light gets in."
-Leonard Cohen

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Posted: April 24, 2023, 1:44 PM
Congratulations! :))

Hope you've made it 3 years!
If not, there's no shame in starting over.

Best wishes-
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