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Cutting Xanax In Half Physical Withdrawal

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Posted: June 1, 2020, 7:50 PM
I went to my dr during this corona virus and had a phone call appointment to refill my Xanax. I have been on 4 1mil a day for years. A different dr was there that doesn’t believe in pills at all. She changed my dose to half a pill every 6 hours. It’s been about two weeks and suddenly my body has been in severe pain with extreme tightness. Pain almost from the inside out and all over. I have seriously been thinking I have cancer because it didn’t make sense to feel this badly. But I saw something that made me think this is the culprit. Has anyone at all gone through this kind of thing? I can’t find anything online and hoping someone can PLEASE answer this question.

Thank you more than you know!!!!
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