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Drugs Addiction

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Posted: November 22, 2014, 8:37 PM
I just wanted to share than I am a lady who has infact stopped taking drugs.
I started at 14,,I became a heroin addict and later a methadone addict.
Heroin to me was a way of life, I felt differently,,it gave me confidence and
I honestly came to think I was able to be more of a normal person under the influence of this
drug. I became confident ,,sociable,,happy,,everything was taken care of,,noone noticed
cause i could afford it..and all was well for me. It helped me control emotions/feelings that at
the time I was unable to handle,that swept my life away cause some feelings were so painful , the hurt was too much. This drug helped me put aside my feelings and hurting to enable me to
continue what it was a day after day. I remember thinking to myself,,this is how I should always
feel, but without having to take it. when ur body gets used to a regular intake , in the end the dosage needs to be increased in order to keep it at a leval. This becomes a problem the more u need the more u spend. I tried to stop it but the withdraw symptoms I would fear and it was never the right time for me to be prepared,,so I ended up seeing a Dr and going on to perscribed Methadone,,After 5 years of heroin addiction I was happy,,but then it was methadone,,I was on for 3 years and lowered my mg slowly by weekly alone,,withdraw symptoms nearly killed me,but i had to do it,,Hated that I NEEDED it ..( clean 3 years ).
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